Monday, December 15, 2008

Blessed In A Scared World

During rough times I've often found myself asking for God's blessing upon me and the family. What else would I do? What should I do? Usually, that's my first course of action.

Sometimes I have to wonder why it is that God doesn't bless me during the trial's of life. When I look at my children, there is no single thing that I want to do more than bless them in some fashion. I often wonder about God though...why is it that he doesn't hear me?

Other times I have felt when God has blessed us. It is always right in front of my eyes. Bang! You're blessed! Is it that sometimes I'm just not being good? I don't deserve to be blessed? Then I look at my children and again, I always want to bless them. What gives?

When I take the time to put on my retrospective lenses, there is always one activity that is going on when I/we are being blessed. You can probably guess what it is...

There have been times in my life when I have not asked for God's blessing, but rather, his allowance. I cannot see anyone suffering without having this deep need to help. It is in these times that I simply ask him to let me help, and he does. It would totally amaze you at what all God has allowed this family to do when in the service of serving society. Not just Christian's, but any of God's creation.

He has allowed us to literally feed thousand's, to see physical healing of the body, and a whole plethora of other things that without him would be impossible.

It is during these times that our problems just seem to melt away. Fear evaporates as peace and security run in. There is no time for worry, and the grind of living becomes a race into meaning and reason. In these times, we know that we were created for more than just existing.

These days we are living in are certainly not the easiest of times to live in. Many are simply trying to endure while other people are hiding and hoping that somehow they will be spared. To be honest, I sometimes on want to hide away and let the shadow pass. But I am not happy when in hiding and denial just seems to push me further back into the cave, which means that it will take longer to find my way back into the sunlight.

It's time for me to get proactive. Time to live my confidence in God, and time to ask for and accept his allowance. Time to shake off the stress and uncertainty and live a life of impact.

What say you?

If you want to be right...Do Right!

Thursday, December 04, 2008

I'm a Single Parent

Single parent...SINGLE PARENT...I'm a single parent who's married to another single parent who has biologically shared children.
It seems like every time I read about someone having hard times, there's always a single parent involved. When someone has made it big, again, "single parent raised me" and it's almost always the mother.
I think it's getting to be the standard. Something to be proud of.
Personally I don't get it. There was a time when it was not a good thing to be considered a single parent. It usually meant that the "mom" married bad or got pregnant out of wedlock. It surely was no thing to be proud of, and I think there is no virtue to be found in being a "single parent".
Back in my day (a hundred years ago...the dark ages) it was a shame to be found pregnant out of wedlock. Likewise, having to admit that you married a drunk, wife beater, cheater, etc., was no thing to speak of publicly. It was the kind of thing people whispered about. The single parent would get "the look". You know it...kind of a sideways glance and neither the single parent or the one looking down their nose would make eye contact. At best, it was a very nervous situation.
Now get me right here. I am casting no stones and truly do appreciate a single person choosing to birth their child and raise it. If you find yourself in that situation...I say bully for you!
But (<--big but), I do not advise any to take to this lifestyle with a casual attitude. If you find yourself in this situation for whatever reason, take responsibility and do the right thing. Raise your child and go on with life. If though you choose this lifestyle, don't expect to be treated special for it.
There was a time when the family would take the single parent back into the original family and raise the child within their community of family. There was no expectation of society to pay for someones lack of discretion. The point is that having a child meant that two people were united in marriage as a family and the child was a natural progression of this union. It was a blessing and a strengthening of the marriage bond. It was this same blessing that strengthened society.
Today you can find all kinds of social commendation's for the single parent. Society gives support specifically to the single parent. Government supports the single parent, and in this, our tax money goes to pay for a poor marriage choice or indiscretion. Is this right?
When I decided to get smart a few years back and go to college I was big into scholarships. The problem was that I was a middle aged married man with children. Times were tough for us because we didn't have work, but had kid's; ask me sometimes about stress when you have tried to do everything right and things just don't seem to work. What I did find was an abundance of scholarship opportunities specifically for the single parent; more specifically the unwed mother. This angered me and I decided to apply anyway. It was required that you submit an essay about the trials of being an unwed mother and how you would overcome them.
I thought on it for some time then finally sit down and began writing. I wrote about all the dreams I had when I first married. I told of all the things I promised myself I would do for each child as they were born. How I would be the best father I could. I then went on to tell how life just didn't work. How times got hard and how me and the good wife resolved to move on in spite of it all. I told how I felt I had failed my family as a father, but, could never allow my children to be raised in a single parent household. It was tough, but we had resolve. I told how easy it would have been to just walk away from all the troubles I was enduring. I told of how I could never do that because of my responsibility to my wife and children. I explained my upbringing in a house that valued every aspect of family life. I wrote that despite the outcome of the scholarship, it would do nothing to affect my choice of where my family would find me standing. I then issued a challenge to the scholarship committee to support someone choosing to be right despite the hardship it was sure to deliver.
I won the single parent scholarship as a single parent, devoted to another single parent, with biologically shared offspring.
My whole point with this post is to encourage people to stand for what is right and good. Do support the single parent who is fighting to raise their child. BUT (<--big red but) don't encourage it. Do all you can to lead one into the natural progression of family. If you are a parent of a single parent, commit to your child and help raise this grandchild. After all you are the one who raised this child and are charged to stand behind who they become.
When you are raising your children, show them some statistics. Show them how a large majority of people in prison were raised by a single parent, which is most often the mother.
If you are a man who has joined with a woman and created a child, then be the man. Be a part of raising "YOUR" child. If you are practicing your part in fertilizing an egg, then realize that you are doing this with some other man's daughter...then think of what you would do to some man who was "practicing" on your daughter! I promise you this. There is no person who knows me who doesn't know how much I love my wife and children, and to what length I will go to protect them. Be the MAN!
If you are a woman who is participating in the process of practicing conception, then realize how hard life will be if you do become pregnant before you are in a situation to start a family. Never trust a man who says he'll be there. Know he'll be there because you are bound with him as husband and wife.
There are a few exceptions.
  • Rape. No reason for it. I once came upon a man trying to rape a woman I worked with. He was waiting in her car with a butcher knife and was going to get what he wanted one way or the other. In short, I busted up my wrist trying to convince him how he had made a bad decision. No person deserves this violation and I DO take a stand. No exception
  • Bad marriage? Before you ever consider marrying, take the time to know who you are marrying. Watch this person in good and bad times alike. You will find that a person usually enhances their attitude and demeanor as they age. If they are not a person you know 100% for sure that you want to be with in hard times, then run.
  • Something happens. When I was ran over by a car, the recovery and rehab was long and extreme. In the process I went through frustration over not being able to walk. The pain med's changed personality in a bad way and depression was a killer. In short, I became a very bad person to be married to. I was just plain old mean. In working with disabled people I had seen this kind of thing end many a marriage. Sometimes health, or the lack of, makes for a tough marriage. This was the case for my wife. Here's what she did. She stayed and towed the line when I couldn't. She pushed me through my troubles and stayed committed to her vow. It wasn't easy, but she did it anyway. There is no person I love more than her because I know that she will give her all for me, and today I am truly married to my best friend.
I take the time to say all this because I know how hard life can be. I know that sometimes life is cold and more often than not, it's unfair.
I also want to say that if you are the child of a single parent, don't handicap them, but rather, uplift them. Don't tell everyone that you were raised by a single parent (you are saying that you either had a bad dad/mom, or you were an accident). Instead tell everyone how your mother/father raised you and that they are the most committed and loving person you know and leave it at that. Whatever happened is the business of no other person. Tie them to you in a positive manner.
I'm sure this will make somebody mad....tell me about it. Joust with me and you'll find me a fair person to deal with.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Another Job

Along about the time my brother Dab asked about the catalog, my wife Pam took a call asking if we could paint. Can we paint? If it's for money and is honest work, we are diversified enough in skill that we can do most anything. If we can't, we just get a book a read...then we can!

Anyway, I told her to accept the job and for the last two day's we have been working on repair and painting two duplexes. So far I've got over forty hour's invested in just three day's and probably have another ten to go on the first duplex. Will be back at it in the beginning of the next week.

With the hours put in, I've been just staying there instead of the seventy mile daily drive.

We are blessed and the good work is happening. This also makes the guilt of buying a sawmill in these hard times much easier to accept.

Thank you God!

If you want to be Right...DO RIGHT!

Some Good Work

A couple of weeks ago my brother Dab called and asked if I could design a retail catalog for one of his clients. I told him I thought I could and sent him a copy of one I had created as a prototype.

The client liked it and a few days later I was sitting with her designing a catalog. I was told it would probably just be more like an eight page brochure. It turned out to be over forty pages.

After the preliminary work we met again and made some changes and finalized it for her to take to the publisher.

She was happy...I was happy, and Dab was happy.

I really enjoyed this kind of work and hope to do more of it.

Also the money came in very handy. I have been planning for some ten years to someday buy a sawmill so I could process lumber from tree to furniture with no middle-person (I am being politically correct) taking their share.

Last week I ordered the mill and expect to receive it today.

I am excited at the prospect it will provide and pray it will be a good investment.

I Concede

It would seem that many people I know haven't heard that the Presidential election has ended.

I am speaking directly to most (not all) democrat leaning people in my life. Barak Hussein Obama has been elected to be the next president of the United States of America!

You are now free to give it a rest. I do not need to hear about how bad McCain & Palin are, and how they will lead the nation to doom.

While I will openly admit that I did vote on a large part (not all...gasp) a republican ticket; I actually voted for a few democrats on the state level. As I've always maintained, I AM AN INDEPENDENT! The reason I voted the way I did was based on a lack of a better choice. If I had my way Dean would be our new president.

So, based on your new information, I concede the election to the democratic ticket. You will now have all control of our government. You no longer have to bash McCain or Palin as neither of them is any threat to the well being of our nation. Quit beating a dead horse already.

One thing to remember...if Barak Hussein Obama, Joe Biden, Congress, and the YMCA proves to make a better nation, I will thank you for your wisdom. On the other hand, anything that goes badly I will also look in your direction for making a bad decision. It's all on your shoulders now and I will highly encourage you to accept the responsibility in kind. Good or own it now..

I do hope for a much better future.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Brave New Life

I've finally decided to share a bit that is going on in our lives.

For some time we have worked with a company that provides in-store promotions for primarily Wal-Mart; in addition to other retailers. We've been doing this for a few years and are quite good at it.

A little while ago we got word that Wal-Mart was going to select one company to go with and they did. The company they chose is a giant and had the strength to leverage the move, which means we have no work.

At first we were angry, then came the fear that is associated with the current economic times we are in. Out of Work! Not a very comforting situation to be in. We pulled on our pants of courage and on we push.

We also do other contract work and are being a bit successful in securing more contracts/clients. We're very resourceful and have to just push on. This is not the worst we've seen as a family and I'm quite confident we will do well.. In fact, we usually do just the opposite of that which society seems to be doing. In easy times we usually see hard times. In hard times...we are successful as it provides a time for survival through quick and responsive resourcefulness.

In other direction's we have decided to pursue a business that we have prayed hard on and truly believe will be a success. It is one business that does not pay any attention to time's or economy. If it doesn't' work, it will only be for a lack on my part. I can accept that. I truly don't mind taking responsibility for what I do. I see it much better than living at the will of someone else.

Is it better to be a successful slave, or fail while being a free man. I can live with myself.

If you want to be Right...Do RIGHT!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I'm Going Native!

We, and I assume many of you, watched the election results roll in tonight with much excitement and anxiety. As is always the case, the electoral votes waxed for one candidate and waned for the other. I voted the waning ticket and I was disappointed. But, I've got a new President-Elect, and being an American, I am obliged to accept him as such. I'll get in line.
A couple of things really stuck out tonight to me.
First, Sen. McCain gave one of the most bipartisan and gracious concession speeches I have ever heard. He didn't go on about anything but acceptance of OUR choice. He urged us to support his opponent and congratulated him in his win. No bitterness and no anger. What I saw tonight was a true gentleman and an honorable statesman.
I do fear we made the wrong choice, and that is my birthright as an American to hold this opinion. I pray that President-Elect Obama proves to be a wise and righteous leader. If he doesn't be the President we need, I know where the fault will lie. Squarely on the shoulder's of George W. Bush.
Think about it.
  • Iraq....George W. Bush.
  • Flopping economy....George W. Bush
  • Hurricane Katrina....George W. Bush (he should have diverted that nasty storm)
  • Iraq....George W. Bush
  • Everyone in the world hates us....George W. Bush
  • High gas prices....George W. Bush
  • Fuel pump went out on my van....George W. Bush
  • Global warming....George W. Bush
  • My chainsaw quit running....George W. Bush
  • Iraq....George W. Bush
  • I caught Type II diabetes....George W. Bush
  • Someone in the military got killed....George W. Bush (no disrespect meant...serious)
  • Wal-Mart ran out of bell pepper's....George W. Bush
If something (anything) went wrong in the last eight year's, it was George's work. Talk about one seriously powerful dude.
Back on point, the second thing that stuck out was the African American vote. While scanning the different network's, one comment made by many African Americans was one of pride for an African American being president. It would seem that for many, it was the man's race that was up for election, and not the man himself. Not all, but many insinuated that this was the case. If this is right, we may be in big trouble. I honestly do pray that Barak surrounds himself with truly wise people and is man enough to listen.
Likewise, I know that many "white" people wouldn't vote for Barak due to the fact that he is not fully white. This is just as bad. Vote for the RIGHT American...whomever they may be. Here we are in the 21st century and race/gender still plays such a role. Look at who they are and what they have done in life, then vote. What is wrong with us?
Now, based on what I've seen, I have decided to claim my heritage to advantage. I've been pondering going into public service and now believe it to be the right direction to move toward. Unlike Barak Obama, I'm not half white, but more along the lines of one quarter white. The rest of my blood runs Native (Cherokee). That's right! I can lay a large claim to what most of you white people who through inheritance, have stolen from my inheritance. Therefore, I am not among the majority and I believe it due time for me to finally advance my particular ethnic brethren.
Until tonight, I have honestly held a race neutral view of myself and my fellow citizens. We were all simply American. I have to blame this on my father; a fine and honorable man he was. I remember once asking him why he wouldn't even try to assure our name on the Indian role. He explained that while he was proud of our heritage, that it was the United States of America that held his military service. He also explained that he wanted no advantage over any of his neighbors. We were simply Americans. Honestly, are we not all native Americans?
I've also been disturbed by the many interview's I've seen on the news in recent weeks. There has seemed to be a directive to get out and see what the African American thinks...almost to exclusion. What about what I think? Are we living in such an unenlightened time that a Native American could not hold an opinion on their potential President? Does my blood make me unworthy while the blood of another is more worthy? Lord, let me be wrong and let us all have enough integrity to pray for our new leader's.
The future (2012),
President G. Redneck (remember my name)

We Voted!

Today was the big day! We got up early and put on our best dud's. I even donned my cowboy hat, boots, and lucky belt buckle.

The first pic is of our local polling place. I know, I are thinking I must live in Beverly Hills or some place equally as affluent, but you would be wrong. Just because I live in the middle of Redneck Estates doesn't mean that we play things down. In fact, some thought the fancy facility might take away from the event at hand; it was decided that we should just leave the antenna standing and go ahead and allow the voter's to use the executive parking facility. I think it just added to the grand event taking place.

If you look close, you can see an elder gent in the white whip (car) and a dog in the white pickup truck wondering who I was and why was I taking their picture. I was fortunate to have gotten that shot. As we were pulling away, I could see security swarming in the rear view mirror.

This pic of the princess is my 6-yr. old Katie. She was excited because I let her drive down our driveway. Actually she steered as I held her on my lap, but to her, she was the pilot. I wish though that she would quit sticking her tongue out every time the camera comes out.

Was a big day indeed...

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Go Vote

When it comes to politics and my country...some call me a zealot, and other people call me a patriot. I think I'm just a little bit of both.

Now if you ask me what my honest opinion of the whole voting issue is, I would have to say I'm not so confident in the whole process. Does my vote REALLY matter...probably not. But, I can say that it does entitle me to participate in the process and allows me the right to gripe.

When I speak to people who open with a complaint of the government I always ask if they voted. If not, then I don't value their opinion. Why should I listen to someone who won't even take the time to do something as simple as voting.

The truth is that the electoral college makes our pick for us and I'm not about to even try to explain the whole process.

On the other hand, when it comes to policy, the President actually has little power. He/she is the leader, but is heavily managed by the other two branches of government; judicial & legislative.

Now we don't have much power over the judicial, but the legislative is a whole other story. If you really want to make a difference, then get on the phone to your legislator's. Tell them how you feel and don't be shy about reminding them that it is "they" who represent "you".

The president has the power to veto anything that congress might throw his/her way, but only once. If our legislator's follow our call and push something back through, then the President is trumped.

While I do have a definite opinion of who our leader's should be, I will accept whomever we get and intend to use my right of petition to our legislator's to ensure that I have a small touch on the steering wheel.

I implore you to get out and vote; grab your right to gripe about whatever you want. Also get proactive and do a quick study on who you want to represent you to your state and federal government(s). Either way, you WILL be governed and if you choose to have no part in it, then do you really have any right to be upset with anything the government does.

The passive citizen soon becomes a slave to the government. The proactive citizen encourages freedom.

It's time to decide who you are...I choose to be the patriotic zealot

Doctor-Doctor...Give Me the News...

The trip to the doctor went pretty well...or so I thought.
Went in and my glucose log pleased to doctor as did my weight. They ended up with a general blood sample and sent me on my way.
A day later I got a call asking me to come in and visit with the doc. Now this really scared the good wife. Didn't the visit go good. Turns out that my blood work had somehow came back bad. The only real concern I had was over my liver, and that's what troubled me a bit.
Anyway, the next day I'm back in the office waiting for the hammer upside my head when he came in with a very somber look and began the eulogy.
Turns out that the bad news was that my cholesterol had risen a couple of points and thought it worthy of discussion. My "big" glucose test turned out very well and, "whatever it was that I was doing..I needed to keep doing." My liver showed no indication of ongoing damage and all else was improved.
Now...why in the world could he not have just called and told me about the cholesterol? Something like, "hey there gimpy...your cholesterol has risen a bit and I would like your permission to call in a prescription...sound good?"
The reason is that there is just so much red tape to mess with. Could he document the discussion and agreed upon treatment with no receipt of a visit to the office? No...would just be a phone call.
As a child, I can still remember having the mumps and the horror of looking out the window and seeing the town doctor walking up our street carrying his black bag of torture. Do I ever miss those days of reason and trust...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Finally Slow Enough To Get Some Work Done

With the slow down in work, I am finally getting back to building the kitchen cabinets. Got the old cabinet off the wall and built a new surround for the wall mount oven. What a difference some re-purposed wood makes.

Had Sam help with cleaning the chimney last week and building that first fire couldn't have been more timely or appreciated. I love semi-free heat. All it takes is a small amount of gas, a chainsaw, a son big enough to split the wood, and a pile of kid's to tackle the pile of wood and it's nothing but nice and toasty evenings.

Gotta love it!

Discovering Health

It's been a couple of month's since writing about my situation with my health. Here's where I am now standing.

  • Weight: Original-242 lbs
  • Current-200lbs
  • Blood Glucose Level: Original-252 average
  • Current- 103 average
  • Cholesterol: Original-Can't remember
  • Current- last check about a month ago-perfect
  • Liver enzyme level: Original- Very high indicating cirrhosis
  • Current- last check about a month ago-perfect
  • Blood Pressure Original-leaning toward high
  • Current-perfect.
What have I done different?

  • Gave up regular soda. I do sometimes drink diet, but mostly drink flavored sugar free water.
  • Take 1 tablespoon of flax seed oil with every meal
  • Take 1/2 teaspoon of garlic extract with every meal
  • Take 1 teaspoon milk thistle concentrate twice daily
  • Limit serving size of things such as ice cream

Basically besides these things, I've done little different. I pretty much eat what I want, but I do pay attention to limit the serving size of potential problem foods; sweets, which have not been too much of a problem(I like meat & tater's).

Concerning the Soda (Dr. Pepper) I really expected to have a real problem abstaining. The truth is that it took one day of drinking water to purge myself of the need for it. I did start drinking the sugar-free flavored water mix, which actually has a very good taste. When I did drink diet soda, it also had a good taste. While I liked it, I didn't develop this great need for it like I did with the "fat" soda's. I can now take it or leave it.

I also make an effort to get a moderate amount of exercise. Nothing special though. At home I now take the stairs instead of the elevator. I walk to the mailbox rather than riding the Harley...stuff like that. Seriously though, simple things like going to fetch something from the shop myself rather than sending one of the kid's. Real simple changes.

I've got a follow-up with the Dr. tomorrow. I'm curious to see what he thinks. When I asked about the Type II diabetes/liver, I was told that I would probably be on med's very soon. The last visit I explained that I was going to try the alternative path's to body restoration, which received a very tepid reaction.

We'll see...

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Speak Up When You Are Right!

Why I post things such as not being treated right by those with whom I pay for a service.
I work very hard for what I have and I make sure that my employer always receives more from me than I am payed for. I do this because I teach my children to always do their all in everything they do. If it is play time, play for all you are worth. Time to sleep? Get the best sleep you can. Time to eat...consume the foods that will support the body to the largest advantage. And, when it is time to with all the passion you have. This is what my father taught me, thus I pass it on.
When I was eleven, believe it or not, my first job was cleaning the house of a kind elderly lady who lived the next block over. Now I will admit, I hate cleaning house and in fact, I hate working at most things that involve physical activity. I'm just plain lazy and in this, I work hard to insure that I have the time and means to be lazy. Back to the point...I worked very hard cleaning her house and in turn, she worked very hard at helping shape my work ethic. She taught me that if I always gave more than I was paid for, I would never leave anyone with the ability criticize or cause me shame. I learned that I was in charge of who people would see me as.
Carrying this later into life I also found that my word was either a credit or debit to not only my character, but also to that of my family. I can either build it up...or tear it down. Totally up to me.
In my now life, I am a professional salesman. I promote many products and I make sure that what I claim, I never have to later defend. I openly invite people to challenge what I tell them. Because I am sure of what I claim, I am able to offer myself up to personal repayment, which has never been required.
To the point of this post. When I buy something, or maybe a service, I ask many question's and I only lay down the money after I understand all the details of the transaction.
On the other hand, I know many people who are afraid of confrontation and will allow themselves to take a financial loss simply because they are not willing to take a stand. They will just suck up and take the loss. Personally I believe this is irresponsible not only to oneself, but also the one's family. Money does not come easy and to allow yourself to be taken advantage of is simply irresponsible.
On the issue of the TV that went bad, the old set was almost 4 yrs. old and had served us very well. But, we had a full four year warranty in place. The company had sold us this warranty and promised to cover us for the whole time period.
This issue took six weeks to resolve, but in the end, and because of my insistence, the company honored their word and contract. They also found a loyal customer who will promote and continue to frequent their establishment for their doing what was right.
While I believe they might bank on the fact that many people will avoid the confrontation and take the loss, they did make things right with me in the end.
I had a similar issue over an air compressor this last summer. 3 yr. warranty and 1.5 yrs. service until it broke. It took almost three weeks and many visits and calls, but I ended up with a new and upgraded compressor.
With purpose, I only try to buy the best quality I can, and likewise, I always try to get a good warranty or guarantee that a company will truly stand behind their product. Sorry, I just haven't been able to buy into this whole "throw-away" culture we now live in. I will not pay good money for trash.
Here's how I always seem to reach a good outcome in such issues. I never really call and get hostile. Instead, I always present my problem in an honorably manner and in turn, treat them as if they are honorable. After my presentation I ask them how they are going to help me with this. I always ask their name and use it frequently in the conversation.
If you allow and give responsibility to one, they will most often rise to accept it. Be personal by using their first name liberally and invite them to be the problem solver. Let them know you understand company policy and that they are only doing their job, but also know that having an insider going to bat for you will get you much farther down the road to a good resolution.
After the problem has been solved I always ask to speak with the person's supervisor/boss and when speaking with them, give the person who helped some well deserved praise. Let that person know that you appreciate and respect their integrity. In doing so you will be helping that person grow in their responsibilities to self and society. can just take your lumps, keep your mouth shut, feel cheated and bitter; while enhancing the shift from societal responsibility.
Either way, you WILL and ARE making an impact upon our world.
It is our responsibility to speak up when we are right...

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Presidential Debate

Well, we watched the presidential debates last night and think there was a definite winner. McCain asked many tough question's of brama (Mix of Barak & Obama) and I really wasn't impressed with the answer's.

I'm sorry, but I am not one who forgets the past, and the past association's of Obama with the sort he has, does make a difference to me. It shows poor judgement. This "I was only 8 yrs. old" answer doesn't cut it with me. Brama's association's become relevant in the fact that the association's took place in his late 20's to the present. The more I've investigated, the more disturbed I become with the prospect of this man becoming our president.
I must say that when McCain addressed brama as "Senator Government," he hit the nail on the head! It seems that the democrats in this election are about nothing but big government.
Also, the lower taxes on 95% of the "middle class" is a farce. While it does bother me sometimes when I see how big business gets all the breaks, I also know that if they are taxed they will simply either relocate elsewhere in the world or just pass the increase on to the consumer. Some might call it inflation and that's all that the brama administration would be doing...increasing inflation.
On the other hand, while the tax break would be good, if business goes elsewhere, then everyone will lose their "middle class" status and move into poverty. Hmm...lower taxes & no job or job & same tax rate? I think I'd rather have the job and maintain my present status.
No thanks Senator Government! My choice is to try to maintain my nose above the water line. At least it is a survivable situation.
What's your take?
If you want to be right...DO RIGHT!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New Look for Old Blog

Since moving from Arkansas, I've noticed there is no ocean, thought I would put a new skin on the old blog. It's green here in Oklahoma so thought I might as well make it green here in my blogosphere.

I've put a new pic on the bottom of the page. It was taken in late spring of 05' from when we lived in Arkansas. It was directly after a bad storm had passed. Almost made it worth enduring it. In fact, there was also one of the promise that followed.

Might as well put them here as well.
<--This pic was taken as the storm approached
and below was taken right after it passed

<--Here is the Rainbow that followed right at sunset

This last image on the right was taken looking north after the storm.

Just some stuff I think is cool.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Follow the Money

After watching the Presidential debate on NBC tonight, I've come to some conclusions

I truly expected Brokaw to throw some wrenches at McCain, which he didn't. I say this because I am so tired of seeing the mainstream media opine away for Obama. It's almost like they've found their saviour. Something to consider?

Tonight though was much different. Brokaw and McCain seemed to get along swimmingly while Obama had some trouble staying with the agreed upon format.

One thing that caught my attention amongst all the mud being tossed. McCain threw a very deliberate and accusatory line at Obama that I truly expected to hear some big time banter about. Obama got aggressive over the taxes, but not this particular pitch.

The issue came about when McCain directly accused Obama of being the second largest recipient of money from Freddie & Fannie. That's right. The very couple who placed us into this big economic blunder we now find ourselves in. What did Obama do in his recant? Nothing but try to say that he tried to warn of the coming upset (Actually the record shows that it was McCain who sounded the bell, not Obama). There was absolutely NO mention or denial of the accusation.

From all that took place in discussion tonight, I came away with the clear understanding that Obama was in bed with the very villian that has the world in such a tattered situation.
The man wouldn't even deny it....and in this...I accept it as truth. I am convinced that Obama is a large part of the cancer that now holds this country and to elect him to be our leader would be suicide.
I'm no lemming...
In order to be MUST DO RIGHT!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Bang My Head Till It's Empty...

I've been having trouble posting here recently. Not like I have a strong track record, but now that I am back into my stride, I have plenty to say, just not stuff that aligns with this particular blog. Some active stuff happening on my, "Who Made Who" blog, but I can't seem to keep my political thoughts contained to it alone.
This blog is all about My family and our going's on, yet I want to jump on my soap box and start preaching.
What I've decided to do is this. I am going to go ahead and post some of my political observations amongst all else that is going on in my life. After all, I am a very political minded person and politics are part of what's going on in my life.
So get ready for some of my politically spiced stew.
Sarah Palin~
What I don't like:
  • Her Hokey talk, winks, constant smile and never ending nod.
  • ----I'll be honest here. Being a redneck, I am quite fluent in "hee-hawnik's". Not that I am proud of this's who I am. Just ask anyone who knows me. I could be Cooter from the Duke's of Hazzard (serious).
  • I grew very tired from her one speech that took place all over and up to her vice presidential debate.
  • ----To be honest, I know that I couldn't do any better so I'll try to withhold judgement.
  • I was not impressed with how she steered her answer's totally away from the question.
  • ----On the other hand, she was honest in how she only spoke of what she knew. Is it six weeks now that she's been on the ticket. She's really doing an impressive job. The more time she puts in, the more she will know and be able to do.
  • ----In her lack, she's also shown that she doesn't back down and can put up a good fight. I've done some research and found that she's been running a straight path.
  • ----being a professional salesman I understand what she's doing. I have to be very careful in my representation of my product. I am hired to sell a product based on it's good points. At the same time I have to be VERY careful to keep my presentation honest and in the best interest of both my clientele and customer. Not always easy, but I can easily live with myself, which I believe she can also. When someone points out a lack in my product, I promote two advantages.
  • I don't like that my family doesn't know her family on a personal level
  • ----Oh well. Maybe some day that will change. Who knows?

What I do like:

  • Her unwavering devotion to her family
  • ----A very big thing with me. This is most of the reason I couldn't support the Clinton's. You just don't cheat on your family. Bill not only betrayed his wife, but also his child and extended family. He betrayed my family in being in such a position and lowering it to such a low moral basement. If a person cannot be trusted within his/her own household, how can they be trusted with a nation?
  • Her professed Christian conviction.
  • ----Fit's my family well. We have the same outlook and hopefully she will help us realize a nation that will remove the stigma that Christian's now feel in this nation.
  • Her patriotic stance.
  • ----Having family member's in the military in some form from every war and conflict from the American revolution all the way to Iraq, we cannot hold anything but a patriotic stance.
  • Her hokey tenor and simple standard in speech.
  • ----While I noted this as a dislike, I also see it as an approach that is not so polluted with the speech of the scholarly elitist nobility that even the simplest and most uncomplicated of us can easily understand what she's actually saying.
  • Her obvious disapproval of the gay lifestyle and lack of support for "gay" rights.
  • ----Now I'm showing my true color (yes my neck is red)! When I see a gay man talking funny or a woman dressing and behaving like a man, I do look at them. They are not fitting in what I know as normal, just like when I use a cane on a bad day or wear shorts that show my scars. I get many a stare. That's just how every person is made. You do or be something that doesn't fit the norm, people will notice and sometimes respond; and always react in some form.
  • ----As far as "gay rights" or any other singled out right for a specified minority group, I don't agree with it. Until I get "special" rights for being a hee-haw speaking, hairy, gimped redneck, I will hold this stance. While I have native blood that could get me special rights in the Cherokee Nation (a nation within a nation? Does this make sense?), I don't get anything that any other plain and unremarkable citizen receives. I pay my full load of taxes and put in my fare share of work. As an American citizen, I reserve the rights of my federal and state constitution's. Nothing more and nothing less. After all, are we not all special and unique in our own world and should we not all live on a playing field with one singular horizon. Not one of us deserves any right that all of us are entitled to.
  • She knows how to use and actually likes her gun's (right to bear arms)
  • ----Some who read this might be shocked to know that I have four children and also have gun's in my home. Yes, that's right. This is my right as an American citizen. How can I do this? Not one of my children sees a gun as anything other that a tool of death. They fully understand that a gun is designed to kill. Nothing less. They all at an appropriate age ( one boy & three girl's) learn how to use them. They are taught to NEVER play with a gun. Even when playing at a neighbor's house with toy gun's (we really don't have any toy gun's other than the occasional squirt gun) they are told to not point them at each other. In the event that they might pick up a gun, they are taught to know how to use it and to never aim unless they are ready to kill. That is the sole purpose of a gun. Don't shoot to injure!
  • ----What would constitute a reason to take up a gun in our household? To be honest, my gun's are solely for the occasional copperhead, rabid skunk or other animal that is threatening us or our animals. Basically protection from dangerous animal intruders.
  • ----Rules for using the gun's in my house: Never fire without having clear sight at what you are shooting at. Always aim for the head as injuring a dangerous animal will most likely result in making the situation worse and sometimes even deadly. Never touch a gun unless you know how to properly load, handle, and when to remove the safety. Every person in this house knows that to take up a gun means to bring death. To be honest, other than target practice, our guns have not been fired in I don't know how many years.
  • ----Attitude is everything in regards to guns. Gun's are not toys and we don't have toy's that are fashioned to resemble guns. Gun's represent death and are respected and feared as such. Not one time has any person in this house taken up a gun out of curiosity or play (my tattle-tale is the dust that gathers on the cases and a clean case would be a warning for me--I check for this quite regularly).
  • She has a large family
  • ----I have a large family. Part of my test for leadership goes like this. If I can feel comfortable trusting someone with my family, I can trust them with anything. I would have no problem letting my children have a sleep over at the Palin household.

There you have it. It should be clear where I stand on current politics. Now that I've flushed my brain, maybe I can post something about something else...anything else!

Let me know what you think. Appalled, shocked, surprised, support...want to beat me down? Go on and leave a comment.

Be right by DOING RIGHT!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Time For Some Reasonable Action

Nancy Pelosi…what a time to vent your partisan rhetoric! The country you are legislating is looking for you to show some leadership. Right now we really don’t care what party sign you carry, just do what we have elected and paid you to do! it is time for a little bit of selfless bipartisanship. Please…

While I do not blame the president as much as I do “our” elected legislator’s who are supposed to be working in our best interest. I blame all our elected officials. Where were they when all this money grabbing was going on?

I would love to see us all wake up and shake Capitol Hill to the rafter’s! Send a signal through replacing those who dance with the devil. It is not the right of any legislator to act in any behalf other than that of their constituents, and this being criminal in my mind, and at the least, should be reason for removal.

On the other end of the stick, I don’t necessarily think a bailout of Wall Street is the right move either. Why should I, or any of my national family pay for the greed of a few people? Let the free market loose and it will right itself.

While I am writing, I am listening to argument after argument about the republican’s rejecting the bailout. The truth is that ninety some democrat’s refused to carry the vote to pass the bailout. They didn’t even need a single republican vote. They are in the majority, yet they want to point fingers?

As far as the republicans and democrats who voted against this bailout, I say thank you for making us feel some fear. We need to know that we are not being represented in our federal government. This should have never happened, and hopefully we will see a change in attitude.

If the FBI will move in and find “all” those involved in this theft and get the ball moving to secure criminal trial, we will see justice and hope for what is right. This will give us the security to move on and be active in a stabilized market.

Had this predatory lending practice been committed by one of us non-important little guy’s, you had better believe we would have been buried below the prison.

That’s my rant for now.
For more of my thought's on this mess follow this link

Smaller World, Bigger Windows

I tried something just because I was bored.

You might want to enter your home phone number into google and see what comes up. I did this with ours and was surprised to not only see my name, address and number, but also a link to a map of where I live.

Not sure I like how total the information age is.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Kidney Stones Really Hurt!

I know…. yes it’s been quite a while…anyway…enough about that and on with the show!

Some time back I was introduced to kidney stones; do they make a somewhat pronounced manifestation. I woke up with a twinge that made me wonder, “What is that,” which quickly escalated to me screaming “WHAT IS THIS,” in the local emergency room.

After two shots of pain medicine and some sort of scan/imagery the doc returned to announce the prognosis and that I had three stone’s, one of which was in the process of making an exit. Three day’s later, the stone tore it’s way out (not very fun) and was born. Two more to go! So far, not much activity other than an occasional twinge; they (stones) can just stay where they are.

For anyone wanting to take the kidney stone trip, avoid water consumption. Instead, drink lots of soda or any other liquid that serves no purpose other than chipping away at your financial reserves and health.
For another 9 months, Dr. Pepper, with an occasional splash of Mt Dew, and me remained very close friends, regardless of the Doc’s advice.

Liver Disease & Cirrhosis, Not Liver & Onions

During my trip to the ER for the kidney stones, after the doc informed me of the situation, he then put on a very sober face and asked, “how long have you been drinking like this?” I looked at him and told him that I didn’t drink, and hadn’t for twenty years. I don’t think he believed me, but he went on to explain that I had significant cirrhosis showing up on the scans.

I went to a specialist and got no “real” answers as I started having some pain in the liver region (below and behind the lower ribs on the right side). I then decided to begin self-treatment using herbs, specifically, silymarin, which is found in milk thistle. I am now feeling much better.

Type II Diabetes and You

I recently decided it was time to go in for a check-up and find out how my liver was. The doc talked to me for a bit and then sent me off for a blood draw. It went pretty well and all I had to do was wait for the results; anticipating a good report on the liver.

A couple of days later I got a call from my doc’s good nurse Cindy. She said that I needed come in as soon as possible to discuss diabetes. Diabetes?

At the clinic the doc reported that my glucose level was too high and wanted me to alter my diet, as I would check the sugar level each morning.

Now, on a good note, my enzyme level was perfect! Liver functioning very well, and as everyone thought me odd, this visit and the announcement of Type II diabetes (anti-diabetes) really didn’t bother me. I can work with T-II diabetes, but to hear that the liver was working fine just blew me away! I really am excited.

As far as the diabetes goes, I’ve totally stopped any sugar from entering my mouth. The food was not biggie, but the soda was another story. I struggled for about three days and now am doing fine.

I did try the diet soda, and it is so-so. Once the sugar craving stopped the taste of them wasn’t bad. Actually there are some really good diet soda’s on the market, but without sugar, I just don’t find that I really need them.

Another change has been my diet. Rather than eating just once a day (supper) I am now eating around five times a day. This one is kind of hard for me. I am actually eating more than before, but on a schedule and careful attention to carb/protein content. Oh yeah, can’t forget that piece of cheddar cheese before bed every night. That’s an easy one.

Impressed with the liver/herb results, I’ve decided to start taking flax seed oil, cinnamon, and chromium. So far I’ve gone from a glucose level of 210 to an average of 130. I’ve also been working on my weight and have gone from 240 to 206, and dropping. My goal is around 180 lbs.

One thing that has really helped is a healthy walk after each meal. Actually, I should say a healthy hobble, but it’s still exercise.

Type II Diabetes & Liver Disease...It Just Makes Sense

Investigating the reason for liver disease and T-II diabetes, I came across some interesting facts.

It seems that people with liver disease also have a very strong chance of T-II diabetes, and people with diabetes have the same chance of developing liver disease. Also, this form of diabetes can damage just about any organ in the body, from the eyes to the kidneys and anything in between; including the heart and lungs.

My research has led me to a very simple fact. The body as a whole needs the individual member to function properly in order for the balance of the members to function in like kind. Common sense would tell one that if one member was ill, this illness would in turn stress the other members, which if left unchecked, would invariably cause widespread disease.

My new philosophy is quite simple and not very original. As the adage goes, “eat to live”, and not, “live to eat.”
As I age, my body is in the process of breaking down, and is doing a fine job of it all by itself. I really don’t need to help it along by adding stress. Especially when it’s a matter of consumption based of nothing more than taste and addiction.

Like I mentioned earlier, besides the health issues I brought upon myself, I was paying good money for totally preventable illness. Soda is not cheap when compared to filtered tap water, and when I broke my addiction to sugar, the need for it subsided.

My father once talked to me about moderation…go figure.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Christmas was a total success. Not one of extravagance, but still, one to remember. The kid's all made out very well.

The wife and I went to our company Christmas party with a gathering of other contractor's. Great food and they threw a surprise birthday party for the good wife. She was really surprised!

We had an early Christmas with some very good friends, BW & Sue. We all met at a local Pizza Hut and had a wonderful lunch and then exchanged gift's. The kid's were so happy, as were Pam and I. Just a nice time all around.

Our next Celebration was with Ron & Denise. They really go all out and the kid's were again, so happy with all the doing's. These people had something like 25 blow-up/mechanized display's in the yard. What a dig! Also celebrated the wife's happy birthday; She's a Christmas eve baby...

On the better half's birthday, we went to her mom's house and celebrated her birthday, had great eats, then went into Christmas. Very nice time indeed.

On Christmas morning, we did the family Christmas and one of the daughter's was so happy she was sobbing. On to a good breakfast then out to my mom's for our extended Christmas. Was good!

That's it...only five version's of Christmas. Not too bad.

New year's was kinda quiet. Just watched "Dick Clark's Rockin' New Year's Eve" on TV, then off to bed.

Time to catch some breath.