Friday, October 29, 2004

Running on Ice

Once again, it has been a little while....

I finally went back to the doctor for a follow-up on my blood work. They drew blood and now that the Serzone has cleared my system, I expected my liver (enzymes) to be at normal functioning levels. This test also came back bad. Enzymes still at elevated levels. Seems like the liver is just not wanting to work.

With all this, I have also fallen a little behind in school. Mainly the online classes I am taking. The art appreciation was simple to catch up on, as most of it is common knowledge for me, or just read and post stuff. Seems like some of my classmates thinks it a challenge, so am very grateful that it is coming easy for me.

My algebra is another story though. The last month or so has really messed with my ability to work math. The withdrawal from the zerzone was pretty severe and the algebra has taken the hardest hit. I am now coming back to a level of reason and am once again able to understand the math and all the accompanying concepts, so am working like a mad man in trying to get caught up. Am really praying that my prof. works with me on this.

In another direction, we, or I should say my good wife, found a 1997 mini-van that has 60k miles on it. A really tough find for a vehicle of this vintage. It is in like new condition, and we managed to get it at a really good deal. God always blesses us in vehicles at a good price......Seems like He points them out to her.

I have also decide to write a book. It is going to be about the process of applying for and getting disability. We struggled with this so much that I believe our knowledge will prove of value to others. I know the confidence and easing of stress it will provide will make it of much value. It really is a very hard process in which so many people have absolutely no understanding. I honestly believe it is meant to be that way.

The elections are drawing close and I am getting anxious to see the outcome. We went to voted early this time because our schedules and finding childcare would have made voting on election day almost impossible. At the courthouse, I was most surprised. It was almost as busy as election day. People are turning out in droves, which I see as a good sign for voter turn-out! Might be a good race!

Until I think of something else to write blessed!

If you want to be right....then do right!

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Sometimes I laugh

It has been quite an adventure since my last posting.

Will give you the sort run down of it all.

Finally got my back-pay from disability. Was a fairly good sized check, but not as good in size as my bills. I was happy to find out that I have received a $35.00 cost of living raise even before I saw any of it.

I also saw some improvement in my condition with some of the new meds my doc. had prescribed. A lot of the sensitivity to touch, smell, and taste had been controlled; to my delight. Even think that maybe some of the pain was taken away as well.

On the other side of the stick, I went to the doc. last week for my check-up and reported all this to him, and I think he was ok with it (kinda hard to discern what my doc. thinks....he's not the most personable person you might hit if you threw a rock into a crowd). On my way out he wanted me to have some lab-work done just to make sure all was ok, which I did.
Later on that evening, his good nurse Linda called...."your enzyme levels are way out of wack ... the meds are messing with your liver...quit taking the meds.!"

These particular meds she was telling me about are of the caliber that I had to carefully build up to the level I am at, and that I should never ever miss a single dose. Very potent and very addictive. Now it took two month's to get to this point and now they just tell me to quit...

So now I write to you as a person who shakes, skips, and seems to have developed a few new character wrinkles (ticks & quirks) for the time being. All the sensitivities are coming right back!

Here's the kicker! I did a search on this medicine and it has been taken off the market in Canada and I am finding all sorts of information on Liver damage from it, as well as, a plethora of class action law suits I could join, if only I was a friendly neighbor from up north.......

Only my life...