Saturday, July 31, 2004

A Thorn Named "Fibro"

Today I am hating on my condition "Fibromyalgia".

The Docs have prescribed ever increasing strengths of narcotics which WILL control the pain....Guess what? They are not working....The pain is like being squeezed, pinched, burned and stabbed all at the same time and at various trigger points.

Not a happy Redneck right now!

I wonder how everyone else with painful conditions deal with it?

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Cancer Calls Forth the Titan

One of my former schoolmates has over the last few years been fighting breast cancer and it finally went into remission this last year. All was looking good!

I just found out that she started having trouble seeing and in investigation, they found stage 4 brain cancer. She is having to make trips to Houston Texas for monthly treatments, which is proving very costly to the family, yet what are they to do? A good husband and two children make up her family and it has to be so hard for them.

I have found that in these trials, the family is in just as much a battle as the one under attack. Children will summon up strength rarely seen by those war heroes one reads about, yet remain under the cloak of age and ignorance. The spouse strongly stands while being riddle with the bullet holes of doubt, why, and how, yet still they stand for all to lean on. And finally the one who holds the battle within seems to almost transcend the allowances of a mere mortal. Their courage soon becomes that of a titan who knows no defeat.

I have to wonder about and admire those who face such adversity. The lot they drew in life has shown a fight indeed, but has given proof that life is indeed of much value...

If we all had the easy walk, would we be any richer as a society? Would compassion and caring even exist? Maybe the lack of appreciation would extend war and violence, and in this, bring about the titans. In either case, it appears that heroes are a vital part of any society, by man or nature, some will have no other course than one of fire......

Walk on....