Friday, June 23, 2006

A Letter To My Congressional Representative....

I am curious about the “North American Free Trade Agreement” (NAFTA). We were told that it would enhance economic growth and stability across North America. Is this happening?

I have seen relocations of American plants to Mexico as our fellow citizens have paid the price to support those to the south. I single out Mexico and President Vicente Fox primarily because he is encouraging his constituents to break into America illegally.

I have to beg, why are we seeing so many Mexican nationals (and Latino’s) illegally entering our country looking for work and better living conditions? Why are we also not holding Vicente Fox accountable for ensuring an equitable economy and opportunity for "all" his constituents? We do have a very strong vested interest in Mexico and it would seem that the direction that the money flows, is into the hands that already hold it.

I also believe that we should no longer call the Hispanic’s on an exodus from Mexico, illegal aliens. Rather we should consider them to be nothing short than refugees fleeing from a hungry and cannibalistic political machine.

I also beg why we even tolerate any relations with Vicente Fox and his government when his own policy on illegal aliens on his southern border is harsh and inhumane?

I realize that money plays a very big role in our own policy (China), but we have sold our moral and humanitarian soul to the lowest bidder it would seem. We never should have opened trade with China, and we should put the brakes on Mexico.

Once again, I ask, why are we receiving so many Mexican refugees?

Thank you for your kind attention and reply.

Most sincerely,

G. Redneck

Legal Illegal?

You know what? I am getting tired of all this illegal alien stuff and have come to some conclusions.

Defending the Illegal-Alien (Hispanics):
  • They have very little opportunity to afford their families such luxuries as housing, clothing and food.

  • They are coming to the U.S. in hopes of realizing a better future.

  • They come here for better health care

  • They come here for better jobs

  • They come here for better education

  • They come here to birth their children so “they” will be American citizens.

Charging the Illegal-Alien:
  • The lack of opportunity for the Mexican National is due solely to a corrupt government.

  • They are trying to realize a better future by breaking the law and strong-arming their host.

  • They are taking advantage of a health care system that is being paid for by taxing legal citizens against their will.

  • They are not taking jobs that American’s do not want; they are taking new positions as they are created.

  • They are being educated on the tax burden of legitimate citizens

  • Does the U.S. Constitution really support this?

Many would claim that this issue is one of a lack of charity on the part of those who want the immigration issue defined and enforced. This is not the case. Charity has nothing to do with taking from the funds of one in order to give to the lack of another. Charity is about giving from the heart, and not having something unwillingly taken.

Another big part of immigration, at least historically is the whole melting-pot idea. Foreign agents would migrate to this country in hopes of being a part of a bigger and better idea. A nation without color or prejudice that consisted of the many parts being melted into one entity, a nation of one, which is what the United States is. It is this mixing of cultures that has seasoned this nation to such a fashion that it’s savor is unique unto all the world.

In this concoction, one common ingredient is found in every success story. It is one of pride, hope, and connection. These people were moving to America to become American’s! To achieve this, they did all they could to become what they desired. They assimilated themselves into the land of opportunity. They did not expect this new world that change for them, but rather, they changed in order to be a part of it. They “wanted” to be American’s, not foreigners living in a land that catered to them, but part of the land. They asked little more than the legal opportunity to contribute and simply to be a part.

This new wave of “illegal” immigration has a whole different tone about it. The rights of legal citizens are being demanded without the “lawful right” to them. There is very little assimilation taking place among this group as they have managed to have “their” national language supported and encouraged by big business and marketing. It would seem that we are trading our nationality for a buck.

We are being criticized internationally and by the liberal thinkers for our isolationist attitude about our sovereignty, yet those casting stones are not willing to give what they themselves ask. What other nation is known as the melting pot? What other nation is willing to give the social support the U.S. is now giving to illegal aliens?

We have all seen our Nation’s Capitol and hundreds of municipalities marched on by a nation of illegal alien’s while carrying the flag of a foreign nation; A foreign nation who is encouraging the breech of our borders. A nation who’s military and police forces, which are present, that encourage this illegal activity against the United States, and is demanding this allowance diplomatically. Would this not be considered an attack in any other part of the world? Where are the diplomatic sanctions?

Why are they coming here? Work! I have to ask, as I watch another local manufacturer relocate to Mexico, what happened to NAFTA? Was it not supposed to fix this problem? It would seem that it has failed. We were told that enhanced trade would benefit all the participants. It would seem that the only beneficiaries have been big business. We hear nothing of major wage increases in Mexico, but we still are seeing industry run for the border! If NAFTA worked, the excuse of work would be no issue.

As I’ve watched our appointed representatives battle this issue amongst themselves, I have become disgusted. I must beg of them, whom are you representing? Is it the illegal alien? Did they elect you to office? Maybe it is big business that wants the dollar of the illegal alien. Have you sold your representation of me for a buck? It would certainly seem that it is not I nor my fellow citizens. If it were, there would be no debate. Read the law. Enforce the law. And lastly, hear my voice! Believe me, if you don’t, I will get someone else to listen.