Sunday, August 24, 2008

Kidney Stones Really Hurt!

I know…. yes it’s been quite a while…anyway…enough about that and on with the show!

Some time back I was introduced to kidney stones; do they make a somewhat pronounced manifestation. I woke up with a twinge that made me wonder, “What is that,” which quickly escalated to me screaming “WHAT IS THIS,” in the local emergency room.

After two shots of pain medicine and some sort of scan/imagery the doc returned to announce the prognosis and that I had three stone’s, one of which was in the process of making an exit. Three day’s later, the stone tore it’s way out (not very fun) and was born. Two more to go! So far, not much activity other than an occasional twinge; they (stones) can just stay where they are.

For anyone wanting to take the kidney stone trip, avoid water consumption. Instead, drink lots of soda or any other liquid that serves no purpose other than chipping away at your financial reserves and health.
For another 9 months, Dr. Pepper, with an occasional splash of Mt Dew, and me remained very close friends, regardless of the Doc’s advice.

Liver Disease & Cirrhosis, Not Liver & Onions

During my trip to the ER for the kidney stones, after the doc informed me of the situation, he then put on a very sober face and asked, “how long have you been drinking like this?” I looked at him and told him that I didn’t drink, and hadn’t for twenty years. I don’t think he believed me, but he went on to explain that I had significant cirrhosis showing up on the scans.

I went to a specialist and got no “real” answers as I started having some pain in the liver region (below and behind the lower ribs on the right side). I then decided to begin self-treatment using herbs, specifically, silymarin, which is found in milk thistle. I am now feeling much better.

Type II Diabetes and You

I recently decided it was time to go in for a check-up and find out how my liver was. The doc talked to me for a bit and then sent me off for a blood draw. It went pretty well and all I had to do was wait for the results; anticipating a good report on the liver.

A couple of days later I got a call from my doc’s good nurse Cindy. She said that I needed come in as soon as possible to discuss diabetes. Diabetes?

At the clinic the doc reported that my glucose level was too high and wanted me to alter my diet, as I would check the sugar level each morning.

Now, on a good note, my enzyme level was perfect! Liver functioning very well, and as everyone thought me odd, this visit and the announcement of Type II diabetes (anti-diabetes) really didn’t bother me. I can work with T-II diabetes, but to hear that the liver was working fine just blew me away! I really am excited.

As far as the diabetes goes, I’ve totally stopped any sugar from entering my mouth. The food was not biggie, but the soda was another story. I struggled for about three days and now am doing fine.

I did try the diet soda, and it is so-so. Once the sugar craving stopped the taste of them wasn’t bad. Actually there are some really good diet soda’s on the market, but without sugar, I just don’t find that I really need them.

Another change has been my diet. Rather than eating just once a day (supper) I am now eating around five times a day. This one is kind of hard for me. I am actually eating more than before, but on a schedule and careful attention to carb/protein content. Oh yeah, can’t forget that piece of cheddar cheese before bed every night. That’s an easy one.

Impressed with the liver/herb results, I’ve decided to start taking flax seed oil, cinnamon, and chromium. So far I’ve gone from a glucose level of 210 to an average of 130. I’ve also been working on my weight and have gone from 240 to 206, and dropping. My goal is around 180 lbs.

One thing that has really helped is a healthy walk after each meal. Actually, I should say a healthy hobble, but it’s still exercise.

Type II Diabetes & Liver Disease...It Just Makes Sense

Investigating the reason for liver disease and T-II diabetes, I came across some interesting facts.

It seems that people with liver disease also have a very strong chance of T-II diabetes, and people with diabetes have the same chance of developing liver disease. Also, this form of diabetes can damage just about any organ in the body, from the eyes to the kidneys and anything in between; including the heart and lungs.

My research has led me to a very simple fact. The body as a whole needs the individual member to function properly in order for the balance of the members to function in like kind. Common sense would tell one that if one member was ill, this illness would in turn stress the other members, which if left unchecked, would invariably cause widespread disease.

My new philosophy is quite simple and not very original. As the adage goes, “eat to live”, and not, “live to eat.”
As I age, my body is in the process of breaking down, and is doing a fine job of it all by itself. I really don’t need to help it along by adding stress. Especially when it’s a matter of consumption based of nothing more than taste and addiction.

Like I mentioned earlier, besides the health issues I brought upon myself, I was paying good money for totally preventable illness. Soda is not cheap when compared to filtered tap water, and when I broke my addiction to sugar, the need for it subsided.

My father once talked to me about moderation…go figure.