Thursday, March 16, 2006


I forgot to mention the weather we had last Sunday. We were expecting some storms, and were really looking forward to it, as we desperately need rain (over 18” below where we should be in rainfall…draught). As the night progressed, the storms became very violent though.

We wound up with F3 tornado’s cutting a swath across one county in Oklahoma and another in Arkansas. They hit almost 150 homes, of which, I think 43 were total losses. About an hour later, there was another tornado showing up on radar where we live. I had everyone hunkered down in the hallway, and I’ll tell you that they were never a group of people who wanted the storm shelter done, more than we. Not sure if I mentioned or not on this blog, but we are digging our own shelter. We started it a couple of weeks ago in hopes that we could have it done by “storm” season, which is usually May…lol…wouldn’t you know it…the tornado season kicked off early this year! You can see our progress here.

A Busy Day

Today looks like it is going to be a busy one. My wife and son are going to Little Rock today with her dad who has an appointment at the VA hospital. They left at 4 am this morning and should be back around 2 in the afternoon.

We bought a ten gallon fish tank at Wal-Mart yesterday while out doing some audits in Stilwell. We really liked the seemed more like a Sam's club in layout than the rest of the Super Center's. I think I'm going to set it up this morning while the girls are still in bed, and when they wake, will probably head over the Sister & Brother-in-law's to help them install some cabinets in their rental. I think I'll take the Camera and maybe post some pics on the sister web-site, "what we're doing today" (in the links to the left).