Saturday, November 27, 2004


It's been awhile, so where to start...
All my friends who are democrat (seems like most of the people I know) seem to have settled down into a "back to life" attitude. I think the shock that they did not win has finally worn off.
As far a school goes, I am caught with the exception of one test and two homework sessions! I finished my Art appreciation class early and will take the final next week! Made a 92% on my history exam, and am waiting for the score on my biology exam. So....all seems to be back on course.
My rheumatologist finally gave up on what to do about my liver and has sent me back to my general practitioner....he's a little more confident and I think I will just transfer everything back to him; maybe he can figure out what's goin on..
We have been looking at properties to potentially move to and found a couple, but we have decided to stay where we are for a season and fix our house up, to include an addition, then sell out. This route should maximize our efforts and increase our profits as we will be doing the remodel required and adding square footage at the same time.
Here are some conclusions I have come to as a result of our struggles:

  1. There is nobody who is willing to step up and help others if it will cost them anything. (most people I know who have the ability to help)
  2. The ones who will help are the ones who need help. (most people I know who do not have the ability to help)
  3. We have been working for most of our married life to protect our dream of owning and improving our home.
  4. This home has served to become the purpose of most of our efforts (works).
  5. We have pinned our dreams of the future on a wooden structure.
  6. This wooden structure has become of extreme consequence in our lives.
  7. This wooden structure has led to extreme anxiety and depression.
  8. This wooden structure could be gone tomorrow.


My new philosophy:

  1. If I invest money in anything long-term, it should show a profit.
  2. Nothing a person "own's" should be allowed to become an energy (time and money) vacuum.
  3. Every investment in physical property should be considered a means for increase.
  4. The investment must work for you
  5. One must never allow physical property to assume the role of ownership.
  6. No physical property should become so emotionally attached that it allows loss.
  7. Loss equates to physical, mental, or financial drain.
  8. A home is most likely the largest investment in money, time, energy, and emotion that most people will make.
  9. Most people have an upside down view of investing in a home.
  10. Once an investment in a home has been made, the owners slowly begin to function for the sake of the home.
  11. The home should function for the owner.
  12. Once the structure has been correctly applied, the person who is "able" is obligated to assist others to a position of ability.


In this philosophy, I have been serving my home, and not the other way around. My or anyone's home, should fulfill a function of some form of provision. Once it stops, it is time to cash out and reinvest.

It is time for this family to cash out and find a place that functions for us!

It is also this family's time to move toward becoming enabled!

In ability, it is imperative for this family to never forget how much, the help of those "enabled" would have been, and in this, to always be an enabler to those seeking ability.

I am looking forward to posting our progress in this philosophy here.

I think it is going to be quite a journey!

Until then,


If you want to be right, then "DO" Right!

Friday, November 12, 2004

Serzone, Philosophy and My Good Wife

I've been having bloodwork done every two weeks for the last six weeks. It seems that my liver enzymes are elevated to a bad level. This all started when I began taking Serzone. The doctors have ruled out the serzone as the culprit, but I think it strange that the enzyme levels rose with the introduction of this new drug.
Now with all of this, Pam is scared, and I can't tell her that I have been having some abdominal pain because it will just scare her worse. She's the sort who is scared of the threat of disease. I on the other hand, am the kind of person who believes that some good can come from anything, and in order to keep my mind on track, I must push out all negative thoughts and fear. I also believe that no person can outrun God's design.
She believes we are under some sort of curse, (given the lives and trauma's we have endured, it is not all that of an unreasonable thought), I honestly believe that she is right on a certain degree, but, not that it is so much from historical avenue, but rather it is through her fear. I have a philosophy that say's that like attracts like. Thus, fear just brings on more fear, and along with it come disease.
On my side of this issue, I believe that I do have the ability to thwart certain things away with goodness, but, I have allowed myself to become weakened. Between the pain I have endured, the loss of a very good mission oriented job, and depression, I have become weak. I am now in the process of trying to get back into a position of strength. God knows my heart, and it is God who will rebuild...
Being fair to my wife, she has not been given the right tools or attitude to do well in life. She is an over-achiever, and always does more than the job requires. She is also one who needs the approval of others.....I truly wish things could have been different in her childhood. I do not blame her, but, rather feel sorry. The funny thing about her is that in all her fears, she is one of the most courageous and strong people I have ever met. She never allows an opportunity to do right, to pass her by. She is the kind of person who simply is right, and her following will attest to it. People absolutely love and adore her, yet she is not able to love or adore herself.
Not sure where this posting went, but at the very least, it is what it is....a posting.
The point of the posting? I have an appointment with my general doctor next Wed., which will end up getting me a referral to a gastrointerologist. Yeah!

If you want to be right, then simply...."DO RIGHT!"

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Big Day On the Town

Today we celebrated our son's birthday in town.  Samuel will be turning 13 on the 8th, but due to the fact that his favorite cousin RJ, would not be able to attend a party on the date of his birth, we had an early event.
We took him and his sister's to a family play center called "Lokomotion."  It is a place with all kinds of arcade games as well as a go cart track.  It was a blast!  On the track, I had Aubrey (6) with me, who cried until we hit the first turn, then it was nothing but excitement for her the rest of the race.  She's a speed freak!  Josie (8), rode with Jenny, RJ's girlfriend, and being the lightest team, proved hard to catch.  Sam took his mother as a passenger and he totally scared her to death.  It was funny!  RJ wound up in a cart by himself and he was the target to beat.  Kimmie, our neice kept little Katrina on the side of the track as a cheering team. 
The whole event proved to be a big success.  Afterwards, we went across the hiway to "Golden Corral" and had a fine supper, where RJ alerted the wait staff of Sam's birthday and they all came out, announced his birthday, then sang to him as other customers joined in.  It was very fun, and even though embarrased, Sam did enjoy it. 
After eatting, We went out to the parking lot where RJ and Jenny gave Sam his presents.  Jenny gave him a digital camera, which he thought was very cool.  RJ though, gathered up all kinds of stuff from around his house and filled a box full.  He gave everything from almost used up cologne, to bacon bits.  It was a blast, and Sam enjoyed every bit of it.  In the bottom of the box he found two racing games for the PS2, which really got Sam's attention. 
Overall, it was a very enjoyable day for us all, but Sam was especially excited. 
A very good day indeed!
If you want to be right!

Friday, November 05, 2004

The Process Worked!

I am so excited with the fact that the Presidential, State, and local elections worked this year!

As some of you know, we homeschool our children and try to keep them in the know when it come to the world. In the last round of elections, everything fell apart and our attempt to use the election process as study, completely failed, thus leaving our children with a bad taste in their mouths.
This time was quite different, and I am so very proud!
While we were happy with the outcome, the best part for us was the way it came about. We got to see the media put in their place as the average American citizen let their voice be heard.
Another high point was the candidates and their composure. I was very pleased with the speech made by Senator Kerry. He was quite eloquent, and sadly I must say, that I really wish he could have presented himself as he did after it was all over. I think if he had just been himself throughout the whole campaign, as he was afterwards, things would have been very different.
President Bush also spoke well of his rival, and did his part to put the campaign behind also. I truly hope that what they both spoke of, coming across political lines to realize a better America, will actually come to fruition.
It was also very invigorating to see just how many people came out to vote. The effort to bring out the vote was truly phenomenal! I hope that we can see this kind of turn out in the future. I find it sad that it took such drastic efforts to increase the turn-out, but maybe it will become habit for the new voters.
Another thing that was good to see, was in the fact that the people of America was allowed to be heard, and boy were they. What would normally have been a decision for the supreme court, was decided by the people. The issue of the amendment defining marriage as a union between a man and a woman proved to be a good test. Not taking issue either way, it was very obvious how the American voter felt. If only we could get more of the issues to vote rather than before the supreme court. This country is made up by a vast people, and it is they who should define it. Eleven states all with the same outcome...pretty impressive. I say let us be heard! We loved the opportunity, and plead for more opportunity in the future!
While many believe that in issue such as an amendment defining marriage was not proper constitutionally, the constitution needs to be managed by the masses, and not the few!
For those who boldly crafted this proposal, I say thanks! You have allowed the people of America to be heard, and I say bring more!
In regards to the stupor that the press and liberal democrats are expressing, I pray that you will have to get use to it! You act surprised that the American people would vote their heart and conviction? I say that you need a lesson in patriotism. While you cast your condescending look upon us, the poor, the uneducated, and those who don't have the sense to come in out of the rain, I say, learn your lesson well. You have finally heard what the people of American are about and want.
I know so many of you, and understand how you, the enlightened, liberal, democrat has held the view that you understand "better" than the rest of us. You hold an indignant eye for any who do not agree with your understanding, yet, cannot allow the same concession you demand of us. You have worked for decades trying to stand above, educate, and dismiss us "the lesser," for an America that will stand hand in hand with a global community of enlightened equals. You need to take a long look at just who you are trying to embrace. Not all in the world hold to your belief system, and no degree of argument or education will change them. The world is a very dangerous and mean place to be.
You want us out of Iraq....never should have been there...tell that to the thousands who have been murdered by the regime that "we" removed. Go to Sudan and enlighten the muslim militants who daily are slaughtering whole families for simply being Christian, or are they doing a service to society? Tell any woman in the larger part of the middle east, who has to completely cloak her body in public. Tell her of "her" rights as a citizen in this enlightened world. Before you decide you are going to dictate what is right or wrong, you might want to take the time to know just exactly what you are talking about. All your indignation has rendered you to a state of blind stupor. The greater part of the general public has spoken, and they are not buying what you have to sell!
In this election you lost more ground than at any time in recent history. I honestly believe in the checks and balances system, and you have taken yourself out of the game. You have allowed both the Executive and legislative branch's of government to be run by one have spun so far out in left field that you were rejected in the vast majority of every race you entered. I truly hope you have learned a lesson, as so many of you who "knew" you could not be defeated, have all the answers, and are better enabled to legislate against the will of the greater populace; hubris excuses no single person.
If you want to be right, DO right!

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

America's Election Sends Message to the World

It is finally final! The United States has re-elected President George W. Bush to another 4 year term of leading us into the future.
I have spent some time reading various views from around the world. From the concensus I find, Europeans believe George Bush to be a bully who refuses to consider the desire of the world. He has refused to follow the wishes of the U.N. and ran rough shod all over the middle east.
My response:
By a margin of over 3.5 million votes, the citizens of the United States of America has chosen to support and follow President George W. Bush as he leads us in the affairs of state and world. Remember it is we who have chosen him.. Yes he was ambitious enough to run for the office, but we chose him.
As far as the U.N. goes.....we by all rights own it! Just go check out the debt owed by the U.N.. You will find that the United Nations, as an institution, owes more money to the U.S. than any other nation in the world. The U.S. also is the single strongest member in regards to military might. If something goes bad and the U.N. gets organized enough to actually take military action, the U.S. would be the single nation to sacrifice the largest number of it's citizens to any effort that might be required.
I truly hope that the U.S. and Israel both, choose not to take any action in Iran in regards to their nuclear undertakings. It is time that the middle east and europe stands up to the bully's in their own back yard. They don't want us there anyway......I think it is time for the rest of the world to stand up and make their own way. If for some reason the U.S. cut off trade with the world, who would suffer the most? We have the resources to produce all we need withing our own borders. Does the world have a market outside the U.S. for all it produces?
What would happen if the U.S. pulled out of alliances with the rest of the world? Israel would be lucky if it lasted a month. Iraq and North Korea would start flexing their nuclear muscle, and Europe would be shaken as it raced to fill the void left by the U.S.'s withdrawal.
The world economy would quickly have to realign itself as well. Once the U.S. got over the shock of an all inclusive economy, it would do well as both manufacturing and market would reside within it's own borders. From the loss of trade and relief funding, the world would be desperate to replace the income that was once provided by the U.S. market.
The oil market would skyrocket both for the U.S. and the world, but the U.S. does have enough to maintain itself until alternative fuels could be developed. Could the nations who have no oil reserves to tap into, survive the inflation that would come?
Third world nation receiving relief in food and money would suddenly have to look to Europe and Asia for sustenance. Would they find it, and even if the world nations were willing, could they replace the efforts of the U.S. to any degree of success as is the case now?
It would seem that the world has taken to the belief that world peace will work if given a chance. I say, let us protect our shores and let the world protect their's, as it seems like that is what the world wants us to do anyway. The U.S. could and would survive and prosper as any nation with both the resources and will as we have, could.
I think a review of history would show some wisdom that desperately needs to be recalled.
England, who seems to be very outspoken against the U.S. and our foreign policy, who was it during WWII that came to your aid when confronted with attacks upon your soil. You had wonderful leadership, but not the might to win. Even before Pearl Harbor, the U.S. was busy sending you the munitions and equipement needed to protect yourself from invasion. Your nation is one rich in history and honor....look to your heritage!
France? I dismiss your opinion all together. Your history is not all that noble in the first place. Not since Napolean Bonepart, have you been a nation of any impact or regard. While you have engaged in many wars throughout history, you have never won a single war that you have won. It is you and your allies who brought on WWII in the first place. There is a strong possibility that had you and your european allies not been so severe in punishing Germany after their defeat. Where was your compassion for your defeated foe then? Germany suffered severely and it was through this unjust suffering that a man such as Hitler was able to come into power. Do you not remember that it was you that tried to have relations with Hitler, but found yourself an occupied nation anyway. The only effort you were able to put forth was in your underground efforts, which I do applaud!
And yes France, we still appreciate your blockade that helped us trap Cornwallis, which allowed our independance.
. above all should understand the need to keep a world peaceful, even if it is through the use of military action. You have seen the results of unfair treatment after defeat, and you have seen the results of attempts of failed domination. You above everyone else should understand the importance of keeping those with desires of domination through violence in check. You a nation of such ingenuity and technical comprehension, are truly a leader and it is you who has the ability to be a global officer of peace, even if it is through the role of a policeman. It is also you, who during WWII, saw the U.S. treat the German captives, in humane and generous manner, while your then government set up concentration camps of death and torture. Have you learned nothing? We are not out to control anybody, but rather protect our own first and the world second. Should any nation not do the same?
Germany, you have such potential. Your determination and wisdom as gained through history, should place you into a natural role of world leader. You are much more than you can ever imagine.
The Middle East- Before the market of oil, you were made up of tribes who mostly fought among yourselves. You had no world power and it is only through the discovery of oil under you sand, that you have come into any power. You surely know that the U.S. has invested in your past and your future. You have something to market, and it is the U.S. who helped you attain it. As you have developed into independant nations, need to invest in your neighbors, as well as, control those who offer up a threat to the world.
You are one of the richest nations in the world, yet you call on the U.S. for support. You also play the game of fostering terroristic activity against the ones you also call customer? You want our business, yet you don't want our participation in your part of the world? Remember, it was people from your nations who attacked the U.S. . It is also the U.S. who was responsible for removing a monsterous leader from your sister nation of Iraq. The monster who for pleasure, tortured and murdered his own citizens....your brethren in belief and blood. How is it that you allowed such a person to do what he has done to your people? How was it that you did not see what Saddam Hussein was doing to your family? Maybe you just never watched the news reports from around the world concerning him for the last 10 years? How was it that the U.S. and her allies had to be the ones to push this monster out of Kuwait, another of your sister nations and kin?
How is it that you have allowed someone to cause the rest of the world to view anyone of your belief and heritage with suspect. Osama binLaden has accepted responsibility for the attack on the world trade center, and yet he rallies more to his cause under the banner of your religion. What are we to reasonably assume? Once again, he is attacking your customer and supporter. Why is it that you have not taken him to task for what he has done to your international reputation? It is becoming very obvious to the world that your only interest in the world is for profit. You have no good works to boast of, and you are seen for what you really oil cartel. You with all your resources are set to be the good neighbor and leader that the world, and most desperately, the middle east needs. Where are you? You are seen as a nation of two citizens. The few rich, and the many poor. If you would wake up and police your own part of the world, would there be any need for intervention from outside? If you won't take action against evil, someone will.....
It is true that the U.S. is still in it's infancy historically. We have missed the whole process of having monarches, dictators, inquisitions, and so much more that could be explored, but, you the world must remember one thing. The United States is a direct result of your efforts at world conquest. We are your child. It is you who moved on an already populated continent and brought "us" into "your" game. It is you who fought amongst yourselves to control us, and you who in the end, lost us to ourselves for lack of a higher vision.
This nation that you are holding in contempt is made up of it's natural population and your cast off's, along with your best. It was the thought's and dreams of people like Locke, Rousseau, Voltaire, Diderot, Hume, Smith and so many more who gave birth to this nation. We are no more that the collective ideas coupled with the desperate needs of those you oppressed. We are a nation made up of all the races and families of the world that has served well in resources, and been a safe haven to any who needed a home. We have fought with you, and alongside you. We come from enslavement, and have enslaved, yet together we grow through our pride and disgrace. We are not to pround to admit our wrongs, and we are not so fearful as to turn a blind eye to those in need. This nation, still in it's youth, in comparison to you, has grown to be the strongest the world has to offer, and it is you who enabled and fed it. Could it be that the U.S., your prodigy, is exactly what you have molded it to be?
It is worth noting that President Bush was elected into office by the majority of American citizens. While almost half of our populace is not happy with who we have chosen, we are still united under the institution of the Office of the Presidency, and as illustrated, when attacked, we will stand as one! You might also remember that the U.S. has never in it's history needed you for defence, but rather, it is you, the nations of the world, who have repeatedly called upon and received support from us. It is you the free nations of the world, who's soil will always bear the stain of the sacrificial blood of the son's of America.
You the world, are also casting a mocking and dishonorable glance at "our" war on terror. Do you really want us to just give it up and go home? If so, then the solution is easy. Take the nations who harbor terrorists to task. Cut off relations with them, cut off trade, level sanctions, take police action against inhumanity, and make it crystal clear that terror will only serve to isolate and disable them in the world community. It's that easy. Don't play ball with them, and they will come around. If you really want will make it happen, plain and simple.
Unlike many of you, we are a nation who besides the military might, has a population who is armed and could defend itself from attack, and you might think twice before alienating the one who historically and presently has the ability to protect you in the event of future attacks. It would seem that the U.S. has learned a valuable lesson in regards to national alliances. If the world can benefit, then we are their allies. If the U.S. though calls on the allies, then they shuffle and whine their way out of any responsibility. I only hope the U.S. can see just how the world deals with responsibility and duty.

That's enough rambling for this redneck

If you want to be RIGHT!

Monday, November 01, 2004

Consolidating Websites

Am thinking about consolidating a couple of my websites into this one site. Not sure.....will think on it more...

Pounding through the work

Talk about running wide open......

We have been moving at the speed of sound!

The good wife has been working all the time, besides her full-time work of homeschooling....(APPLAUSE). She is so good, and I am so blessed in her allowing me to be her husband....

I have been working on trying to catch up on my homework, and am almost there! Yes!

Around the home...well, we are trying hard to maintain. The new(er) used van is working out really well. Actually we don't drive it much as we are trying to keep one clean vehicle. For all the work running, we use the older two.

I am now actively working on a book also. It is a compilation of all we have learned while trying to feel our way through the whole social security disability process. It truly is amazing how much information we have gained, and how many steps we took that were useless. I think it will be a resource of much value to those heading into the process.

We are working on setting up a deal to take over a flea market. If things work out, we should be able to ease our way out of all the various jobs we have and consolidate our efforts into that one specific effort. Am praying things work out as they should!

Probably mentioned this, but we have already voted. I really like having the ability to vote early, and if it is an indicator of the election day turn-out, I am impressed. People were all over the court house trying to vote. Very strong turn-out for early voting, and expect it to result in a good race between the two candidates.

For some reason, that reminded me of a very good friend of ours, Carolyn. She is the coolest person you could meet. She is kinda tree huggy, but very well grounded and secure in her identity. Bully for you Carolyn!

For now....this is the post!

Just remember!

If you want to be right, then do right!