Monday, May 21, 2007

Eighteen Years of Bliss and Shrek the Third...

Yesterday, the 20th, was our 18th wedding anniversary. Time sure does fly. I can still remember how nervous I was...wondering if I was mature enough to be a married man. Heck, I was thinking that I was still thinking like a kid. Well, that hasn't changed, but I think I am fit enough to be a husband, and a father, to boot! Actually, without a good wife, being a good husband is impossible, and in this, I am blessed with the good wife.

We decided to take the four children out to the movies and everyone chose "Shrek the Third". What a let-down that was. It was a serious rehash of all that made the first two movies worth seeing. Nothing new and little to keep anyone interested. It was more about slap-stick type comedy and depending on the same (now) tired actions that first drew us in.

My recommendation is to save the money and wait for the DVD (RENT...DON'T BUY). Serious disappointment....I'm sure the box office did good initially, but as soon as word gets out...will be showing a loss.