Thursday, April 05, 2007

It's Raining Snow...

Just a couple of days ago it was in the 80's, and it is now 28 degrees outside.
I normally wouldn't be very concerned, but since we have moved, I decided to put in a vegetable gardena, and wouldn't you know that it would come a freeze like this and now I'm all about making sure everything is covered up.

I checked about an hour ago and it was snowing...what times we live in.

We've now been here around seven months and being on the top of a mountain, I have noticed that very few days go by without a good breeze. I am thinking of trying to construct a windmill and see if I can generate some electricity. Actually I have determined that I will build one...just waiting for all the other stuff to get done first. Not sure the good wife would appreciate me experimenting on a windmill instead of finishing the kitchen cabinets, floors, doors, windows, and a host of other things on the docket. One of these day's you might see an old mexican trying to joust in my field....

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Trip to the Emergency Room...

Well, the rib finally got the best of me and I submitted to my wife and went to the ER. The reason for the ER is that is takes up to two weeks to get in to see my regular Dr..

After some X-Ray's, I find that I've broken my eighth rib on the right side of chest in the front, along with some torn muscle. The Darvacet that is part of my pain management routine just wasn't cutting it so the doc gave me some stronger Lortab (sp) and Industrialized Ibuprofen. The L-tab seems to be working better and hopefully the Ibuprofen will reduce some of the swelling.

Other than the med's and rest, there's not much else to do. She said because of the break being in the front, that wrapping wouldn't do much I just have to live it out. What a fun afternoon it was.

Till next time.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Gettin' Ribbed...

Today I was out on the roof working on the guttering and got into a weird situation...Long story short...I think I broke one of my ribs. Hurts like all get out! Enough about that.

A great friend, Nathan, came over and helped out a bunch on the house. Got a lot done and things are moving along nicely. The addition is now totally in the dry and finished on the exterior. I can now start on removing the old staircase, close the opening and start putting in the new floor upstairs. A landmark we have been looking for, for quite some time now.

The good wife was offered the library job, but turned it down. Was a go nowhere position and her would-be boss seemed a bit militant and invasive.

We are also working on putting in a garden. As it turns out, it is a rock garden. I tilled and tilled and came up with nothing but rocks. It seems like i am trying to grow plants in the middle of a gravel road. It'll work out though. Am removing rock, working in leaves to build up the soil (like there is any), and have already put in tomatoes, cucumbers, and beans. Plan on getting some sunflower and other stuff planted. Would love to get some potato's and lettuce in, but think this year will be more about soil building than anything else. Pumpkin would be fun.

There's one area out back that was nothing but a massive tangle of blackberry brambles that would prove rather tough to get at to pick the fruit. I managed to cut out a rather large bunch of them in hopes of making gathering the berries into a civil affair. We won't see much of a crop this year, but should see a massive improvement next year.

We have been looking into getting some livestock and at first had settled on miniature horses, but have changed out minds and are leaning towards fainting goats and peafowl. Will require some extensive fencing for the goats and the fowl will require pens with secure runs.

Along with the aforementioned stock, will also be getting chickens for egg production. The only worry I have is in the fact that we have a fairly strong population of bald eagles and chicken hawks. Will have to work on that a bit...we'll figure it out pretty soon.

I've decide to try to remove the gray water supplier's from the septic system; everything but the toilet. Will use the recycled water for the garden's and lawn. Being that the water is chlorinated, and that I am paying for it by the gallon, it seems a bit foolish just to send otherwise usable water to the septic tank.

That's enough for now...Do Good to Be Good!