Monday, September 29, 2008

Time For Some Reasonable Action

Nancy Pelosi…what a time to vent your partisan rhetoric! The country you are legislating is looking for you to show some leadership. Right now we really don’t care what party sign you carry, just do what we have elected and paid you to do! it is time for a little bit of selfless bipartisanship. Please…

While I do not blame the president as much as I do “our” elected legislator’s who are supposed to be working in our best interest. I blame all our elected officials. Where were they when all this money grabbing was going on?

I would love to see us all wake up and shake Capitol Hill to the rafter’s! Send a signal through replacing those who dance with the devil. It is not the right of any legislator to act in any behalf other than that of their constituents, and this being criminal in my mind, and at the least, should be reason for removal.

On the other end of the stick, I don’t necessarily think a bailout of Wall Street is the right move either. Why should I, or any of my national family pay for the greed of a few people? Let the free market loose and it will right itself.

While I am writing, I am listening to argument after argument about the republican’s rejecting the bailout. The truth is that ninety some democrat’s refused to carry the vote to pass the bailout. They didn’t even need a single republican vote. They are in the majority, yet they want to point fingers?

As far as the republicans and democrats who voted against this bailout, I say thank you for making us feel some fear. We need to know that we are not being represented in our federal government. This should have never happened, and hopefully we will see a change in attitude.

If the FBI will move in and find “all” those involved in this theft and get the ball moving to secure criminal trial, we will see justice and hope for what is right. This will give us the security to move on and be active in a stabilized market.

Had this predatory lending practice been committed by one of us non-important little guy’s, you had better believe we would have been buried below the prison.

That’s my rant for now.
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Smaller World, Bigger Windows

I tried something just because I was bored.

You might want to enter your home phone number into google and see what comes up. I did this with ours and was surprised to not only see my name, address and number, but also a link to a map of where I live.

Not sure I like how total the information age is.