Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Finally Slow Enough To Get Some Work Done

With the slow down in work, I am finally getting back to building the kitchen cabinets. Got the old cabinet off the wall and built a new surround for the wall mount oven. What a difference some re-purposed wood makes.

Had Sam help with cleaning the chimney last week and building that first fire couldn't have been more timely or appreciated. I love semi-free heat. All it takes is a small amount of gas, a chainsaw, a son big enough to split the wood, and a pile of kid's to tackle the pile of wood and it's nothing but nice and toasty evenings.

Gotta love it!

Discovering Health

It's been a couple of month's since writing about my situation with my health. Here's where I am now standing.

  • Weight: Original-242 lbs
  • Current-200lbs
  • Blood Glucose Level: Original-252 average
  • Current- 103 average
  • Cholesterol: Original-Can't remember
  • Current- last check about a month ago-perfect
  • Liver enzyme level: Original- Very high indicating cirrhosis
  • Current- last check about a month ago-perfect
  • Blood Pressure Original-leaning toward high
  • Current-perfect.
What have I done different?

  • Gave up regular soda. I do sometimes drink diet, but mostly drink flavored sugar free water.
  • Take 1 tablespoon of flax seed oil with every meal
  • Take 1/2 teaspoon of garlic extract with every meal
  • Take 1 teaspoon milk thistle concentrate twice daily
  • Limit serving size of things such as ice cream

Basically besides these things, I've done little different. I pretty much eat what I want, but I do pay attention to limit the serving size of potential problem foods; sweets, which have not been too much of a problem(I like meat & tater's).

Concerning the Soda (Dr. Pepper) I really expected to have a real problem abstaining. The truth is that it took one day of drinking water to purge myself of the need for it. I did start drinking the sugar-free flavored water mix, which actually has a very good taste. When I did drink diet soda, it also had a good taste. While I liked it, I didn't develop this great need for it like I did with the "fat" soda's. I can now take it or leave it.

I also make an effort to get a moderate amount of exercise. Nothing special though. At home I now take the stairs instead of the elevator. I walk to the mailbox rather than riding the Harley...stuff like that. Seriously though, simple things like going to fetch something from the shop myself rather than sending one of the kid's. Real simple changes.

I've got a follow-up with the Dr. tomorrow. I'm curious to see what he thinks. When I asked about the Type II diabetes/liver, I was told that I would probably be on med's very soon. The last visit I explained that I was going to try the alternative path's to body restoration, which received a very tepid reaction.

We'll see...

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Speak Up When You Are Right!

Why I post things such as not being treated right by those with whom I pay for a service.
I work very hard for what I have and I make sure that my employer always receives more from me than I am payed for. I do this because I teach my children to always do their all in everything they do. If it is play time, play for all you are worth. Time to sleep? Get the best sleep you can. Time to eat...consume the foods that will support the body to the largest advantage. And, when it is time to work...work with all the passion you have. This is what my father taught me, thus I pass it on.
When I was eleven, believe it or not, my first job was cleaning the house of a kind elderly lady who lived the next block over. Now I will admit, I hate cleaning house and in fact, I hate working at most things that involve physical activity. I'm just plain lazy and in this, I work hard to insure that I have the time and means to be lazy. Back to the point...I worked very hard cleaning her house and in turn, she worked very hard at helping shape my work ethic. She taught me that if I always gave more than I was paid for, I would never leave anyone with the ability criticize or cause me shame. I learned that I was in charge of who people would see me as.
Carrying this later into life I also found that my word was either a credit or debit to not only my character, but also to that of my family. I can either build it up...or tear it down. Totally up to me.
In my now life, I am a professional salesman. I promote many products and I make sure that what I claim, I never have to later defend. I openly invite people to challenge what I tell them. Because I am sure of what I claim, I am able to offer myself up to personal repayment, which has never been required.
To the point of this post. When I buy something, or maybe a service, I ask many question's and I only lay down the money after I understand all the details of the transaction.
On the other hand, I know many people who are afraid of confrontation and will allow themselves to take a financial loss simply because they are not willing to take a stand. They will just suck up and take the loss. Personally I believe this is irresponsible not only to oneself, but also the one's family. Money does not come easy and to allow yourself to be taken advantage of is simply irresponsible.
On the issue of the TV that went bad, the old set was almost 4 yrs. old and had served us very well. But, we had a full four year warranty in place. The company had sold us this warranty and promised to cover us for the whole time period.
This issue took six weeks to resolve, but in the end, and because of my insistence, the company honored their word and contract. They also found a loyal customer who will promote and continue to frequent their establishment for their doing what was right.
While I believe they might bank on the fact that many people will avoid the confrontation and take the loss, they did make things right with me in the end.
I had a similar issue over an air compressor this last summer. 3 yr. warranty and 1.5 yrs. service until it broke. It took almost three weeks and many visits and calls, but I ended up with a new and upgraded compressor.
With purpose, I only try to buy the best quality I can, and likewise, I always try to get a good warranty or guarantee that a company will truly stand behind their product. Sorry, I just haven't been able to buy into this whole "throw-away" culture we now live in. I will not pay good money for trash.
Here's how I always seem to reach a good outcome in such issues. I never really call and get hostile. Instead, I always present my problem in an honorably manner and in turn, treat them as if they are honorable. After my presentation I ask them how they are going to help me with this. I always ask their name and use it frequently in the conversation.
If you allow and give responsibility to one, they will most often rise to accept it. Be personal by using their first name liberally and invite them to be the problem solver. Let them know you understand company policy and that they are only doing their job, but also know that having an insider going to bat for you will get you much farther down the road to a good resolution.
After the problem has been solved I always ask to speak with the person's supervisor/boss and when speaking with them, give the person who helped some well deserved praise. Let that person know that you appreciate and respect their integrity. In doing so you will be helping that person grow in their responsibilities to self and society.
Or...you can just take your lumps, keep your mouth shut, feel cheated and bitter; while enhancing the shift from societal responsibility.
Either way, you WILL and ARE making an impact upon our world.
It is our responsibility to speak up when we are right...

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Presidential Debate

Well, we watched the presidential debates last night and think there was a definite winner. McCain asked many tough question's of brama (Mix of Barak & Obama) and I really wasn't impressed with the answer's.

I'm sorry, but I am not one who forgets the past, and the past association's of Obama with the sort he has, does make a difference to me. It shows poor judgement. This "I was only 8 yrs. old" answer doesn't cut it with me. Brama's association's become relevant in the fact that the association's took place in his late 20's to the present. The more I've investigated, the more disturbed I become with the prospect of this man becoming our president.
I must say that when McCain addressed brama as "Senator Government," he hit the nail on the head! It seems that the democrats in this election are about nothing but big government.
Also, the lower taxes on 95% of the "middle class" is a farce. While it does bother me sometimes when I see how big business gets all the breaks, I also know that if they are taxed they will simply either relocate elsewhere in the world or just pass the increase on to the consumer. Some might call it inflation and that's all that the brama administration would be doing...increasing inflation.
On the other hand, while the tax break would be good, if business goes elsewhere, then everyone will lose their "middle class" status and move into poverty. Hmm...lower taxes & no job or job & same tax rate? I think I'd rather have the job and maintain my present status.
No thanks Senator Government! My choice is to try to maintain my nose above the water line. At least it is a survivable situation.
What's your take?
If you want to be right...DO RIGHT!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New Look for Old Blog

Since moving from Arkansas, I've noticed there is no ocean here...so, thought I would put a new skin on the old blog. It's green here in Oklahoma so thought I might as well make it green here in my blogosphere.

I've put a new pic on the bottom of the page. It was taken in late spring of 05' from when we lived in Arkansas. It was directly after a bad storm had passed. Almost made it worth enduring it. In fact, there was also one of the promise that followed.

Might as well put them here as well.
<--This pic was taken as the storm approached
and below was taken right after it passed

<--Here is the Rainbow that followed right at sunset

This last image on the right was taken looking north after the storm.

Just some stuff I think is cool.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Follow the Money

After watching the Presidential debate on NBC tonight, I've come to some conclusions

I truly expected Brokaw to throw some wrenches at McCain, which he didn't. I say this because I am so tired of seeing the mainstream media opine away for Obama. It's almost like they've found their saviour. Something to consider?

Tonight though was much different. Brokaw and McCain seemed to get along swimmingly while Obama had some trouble staying with the agreed upon format.

One thing that caught my attention amongst all the mud being tossed. McCain threw a very deliberate and accusatory line at Obama that I truly expected to hear some big time banter about. Obama got aggressive over the taxes, but not this particular pitch.

The issue came about when McCain directly accused Obama of being the second largest recipient of money from Freddie & Fannie. That's right. The very couple who placed us into this big economic blunder we now find ourselves in. What did Obama do in his recant? Nothing but try to say that he tried to warn of the coming upset (Actually the record shows that it was McCain who sounded the bell, not Obama). There was absolutely NO mention or denial of the accusation.

From all that took place in discussion tonight, I came away with the clear understanding that Obama was in bed with the very villian that has the world in such a tattered situation.
The man wouldn't even deny it....and in this...I accept it as truth. I am convinced that Obama is a large part of the cancer that now holds this country and to elect him to be our leader would be suicide.
I'm no lemming...
In order to be right...one MUST DO RIGHT!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Bang My Head Till It's Empty...

I've been having trouble posting here recently. Not like I have a strong track record, but now that I am back into my stride, I have plenty to say, just not stuff that aligns with this particular blog. Some active stuff happening on my, "Who Made Who" blog, but I can't seem to keep my political thoughts contained to it alone.
This blog is all about My family and our going's on, yet I want to jump on my soap box and start preaching.
What I've decided to do is this. I am going to go ahead and post some of my political observations amongst all else that is going on in my life. After all, I am a very political minded person and politics are part of what's going on in my life.
So get ready for some of my politically spiced stew.
Sarah Palin~
What I don't like:
  • Her Hokey talk, winks, constant smile and never ending nod.
  • ----I'll be honest here. Being a redneck, I am quite fluent in "hee-hawnik's". Not that I am proud of this attribute...it's who I am. Just ask anyone who knows me. I could be Cooter from the Duke's of Hazzard (serious).
  • I grew very tired from her one speech that took place all over and up to her vice presidential debate.
  • ----To be honest, I know that I couldn't do any better so I'll try to withhold judgement.
  • I was not impressed with how she steered her answer's totally away from the question.
  • ----On the other hand, she was honest in how she only spoke of what she knew. Is it six weeks now that she's been on the ticket. She's really doing an impressive job. The more time she puts in, the more she will know and be able to do.
  • ----In her lack, she's also shown that she doesn't back down and can put up a good fight. I've done some research and found that she's been running a straight path.
  • ----being a professional salesman I understand what she's doing. I have to be very careful in my representation of my product. I am hired to sell a product based on it's good points. At the same time I have to be VERY careful to keep my presentation honest and in the best interest of both my clientele and customer. Not always easy, but I can easily live with myself, which I believe she can also. When someone points out a lack in my product, I promote two advantages.
  • I don't like that my family doesn't know her family on a personal level
  • ----Oh well. Maybe some day that will change. Who knows?

What I do like:

  • Her unwavering devotion to her family
  • ----A very big thing with me. This is most of the reason I couldn't support the Clinton's. You just don't cheat on your family. Bill not only betrayed his wife, but also his child and extended family. He betrayed my family in being in such a position and lowering it to such a low moral basement. If a person cannot be trusted within his/her own household, how can they be trusted with a nation?
  • Her professed Christian conviction.
  • ----Fit's my family well. We have the same outlook and hopefully she will help us realize a nation that will remove the stigma that Christian's now feel in this nation.
  • Her patriotic stance.
  • ----Having family member's in the military in some form from every war and conflict from the American revolution all the way to Iraq, we cannot hold anything but a patriotic stance.
  • Her hokey tenor and simple standard in speech.
  • ----While I noted this as a dislike, I also see it as an approach that is not so polluted with the speech of the scholarly elitist nobility that even the simplest and most uncomplicated of us can easily understand what she's actually saying.
  • Her obvious disapproval of the gay lifestyle and lack of support for "gay" rights.
  • ----Now I'm showing my true color (yes my neck is red)! When I see a gay man talking funny or a woman dressing and behaving like a man, I do look at them. They are not fitting in what I know as normal, just like when I use a cane on a bad day or wear shorts that show my scars. I get many a stare. That's just how every person is made. You do or be something that doesn't fit the norm, people will notice and sometimes respond; and always react in some form.
  • ----As far as "gay rights" or any other singled out right for a specified minority group, I don't agree with it. Until I get "special" rights for being a hee-haw speaking, hairy, gimped redneck, I will hold this stance. While I have native blood that could get me special rights in the Cherokee Nation (a nation within a nation? Does this make sense?), I don't get anything that any other plain and unremarkable citizen receives. I pay my full load of taxes and put in my fare share of work. As an American citizen, I reserve the rights of my federal and state constitution's. Nothing more and nothing less. After all, are we not all special and unique in our own world and should we not all live on a playing field with one singular horizon. Not one of us deserves any right that all of us are entitled to.
  • She knows how to use and actually likes her gun's (right to bear arms)
  • ----Some who read this might be shocked to know that I have four children and also have gun's in my home. Yes, that's right. This is my right as an American citizen. How can I do this? Not one of my children sees a gun as anything other that a tool of death. They fully understand that a gun is designed to kill. Nothing less. They all at an appropriate age ( one boy & three girl's) learn how to use them. They are taught to NEVER play with a gun. Even when playing at a neighbor's house with toy gun's (we really don't have any toy gun's other than the occasional squirt gun) they are told to not point them at each other. In the event that they might pick up a gun, they are taught to know how to use it and to never aim unless they are ready to kill. That is the sole purpose of a gun. Don't shoot to injure!
  • ----What would constitute a reason to take up a gun in our household? To be honest, my gun's are solely for the occasional copperhead, rabid skunk or other animal that is threatening us or our animals. Basically protection from dangerous animal intruders.
  • ----Rules for using the gun's in my house: Never fire without having clear sight at what you are shooting at. Always aim for the head as injuring a dangerous animal will most likely result in making the situation worse and sometimes even deadly. Never touch a gun unless you know how to properly load, handle, and when to remove the safety. Every person in this house knows that to take up a gun means to bring death. To be honest, other than target practice, our guns have not been fired in I don't know how many years.
  • ----Attitude is everything in regards to guns. Gun's are not toys and we don't have toy's that are fashioned to resemble guns. Gun's represent death and are respected and feared as such. Not one time has any person in this house taken up a gun out of curiosity or play (my tattle-tale is the dust that gathers on the cases and a clean case would be a warning for me--I check for this quite regularly).
  • She has a large family
  • ----I have a large family. Part of my test for leadership goes like this. If I can feel comfortable trusting someone with my family, I can trust them with anything. I would have no problem letting my children have a sleep over at the Palin household.

There you have it. It should be clear where I stand on current politics. Now that I've flushed my brain, maybe I can post something about something else...anything else!

Let me know what you think. Appalled, shocked, surprised, support...want to beat me down? Go on and leave a comment.

Be right by DOING RIGHT!