Sunday, October 30, 2005

My Little Girl

My Little Girl

“One more smile daddy…say cheese.”
She doesn’t understand “past due”--
mortgage not in her vocabulary.

“Look this way daddy…say cheese.”
The Car’s broken down--
won’t be fixed for a week.

“Over here daddy…say cheese.”
The boss say’s I’m his best worker--
can’t hold my job.

“This will be good daddy…say cheese.”
The doctor’s did all they could--
I’ll walk no more.

“Pictures for Grandpa daddy…say cheese”
He’s gone to Heaven--
his visits are done.

“Just one more picture daddy…say cheese”
She doesn’t know there’s no film--
she’s only three.

©10-23-2005Darrell Bottoms

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Here's a poem I like

Where I Am

The Season:
Hope left the dream
No longer counted worthy
Life became misplaced

The Time:
Life will be recovered
Visions will be seen
Standing center stage

The Date:
Tomorrow never came
Yesterday never ended
Where I am I live

©2005 Darrell Bottoms

I like it . Say's so much. I really like the last line.

If you want to be Right…Do Right!

Friday, October 21, 2005

October's Life Thus Far...

Never mind the post about "My Wife's Husband"…it was something I wrote while feeling a little down. Had to do with how things always seem to go against me…a little self-pity.

Catching up a little, the arthritis/fibromyalgia has been increasing in degree. Getting very hard. Also, even though the bankruptcy did help some, still not able to do much in getting ahead…still swimming under water.

Don’t get me wrong; I am very grateful for what I do have. My family is so supportive and in them I truly am blessed. Thank goodness for the little bit of work I do have that requires and Internet connection, or this one connection to the outside world would also be gone.

In considering challenges facing us at this time, it would seem that all the children have taken to a new hobby. They eat, eat, eat, and then eat some more…lol. Getting tough keeping enough to feed them all. I actually tried to get food stamps, which I am not proud of, but was denied because our work is non-traditional (contract) and we cannot give an exact amount of money we anticipate to make in future income. So…we just do without. I really am getting tired of all the red tape.

On another note the weather has finally cooled off, which I love! On the downside, the heater has decided to go on the fritz…lol…will it never end? I wonder where I am supposed to pull that money from? Talk about frustrated!

In looking at the world, hurricane Wilma is getting to do her work it seems. I pray for a resolution with the weather.

I have been posting some of my poems on a site I just found. Writers review and have their works reviewed by other writers. Is a wonderful site to develop ones work. It is at If you are into writing…check it out!

For now…must run. Be blessed!