Monday, December 15, 2008

Blessed In A Scared World

During rough times I've often found myself asking for God's blessing upon me and the family. What else would I do? What should I do? Usually, that's my first course of action.

Sometimes I have to wonder why it is that God doesn't bless me during the trial's of life. When I look at my children, there is no single thing that I want to do more than bless them in some fashion. I often wonder about God though...why is it that he doesn't hear me?

Other times I have felt when God has blessed us. It is always right in front of my eyes. Bang! You're blessed! Is it that sometimes I'm just not being good? I don't deserve to be blessed? Then I look at my children and again, I always want to bless them. What gives?

When I take the time to put on my retrospective lenses, there is always one activity that is going on when I/we are being blessed. You can probably guess what it is...

There have been times in my life when I have not asked for God's blessing, but rather, his allowance. I cannot see anyone suffering without having this deep need to help. It is in these times that I simply ask him to let me help, and he does. It would totally amaze you at what all God has allowed this family to do when in the service of serving society. Not just Christian's, but any of God's creation.

He has allowed us to literally feed thousand's, to see physical healing of the body, and a whole plethora of other things that without him would be impossible.

It is during these times that our problems just seem to melt away. Fear evaporates as peace and security run in. There is no time for worry, and the grind of living becomes a race into meaning and reason. In these times, we know that we were created for more than just existing.

These days we are living in are certainly not the easiest of times to live in. Many are simply trying to endure while other people are hiding and hoping that somehow they will be spared. To be honest, I sometimes on want to hide away and let the shadow pass. But I am not happy when in hiding and denial just seems to push me further back into the cave, which means that it will take longer to find my way back into the sunlight.

It's time for me to get proactive. Time to live my confidence in God, and time to ask for and accept his allowance. Time to shake off the stress and uncertainty and live a life of impact.

What say you?

If you want to be right...Do Right!


Skip said...

Hey Darrell: Very good question and thoughtfully put by a good man. I don't know if I have any answers, but thinking back I seemed to remember saying some of the same things you say; "I often wonder about God though...why is it that he doesn't hear me?" You know Darrell, when your children give you a request, the answer is probably a "Yes" or "No". With God, many times it could be the same. A "Yes" answer is pretty evident. A "No" answer could be confused with "he didn't hear me" or he is ignoring me. Probably not. Sometimes the answer is just "No" As his child, maybe we have to learn to be just as thankful for the "No" answers as we do the "Yes" answers. Could be that I just don't know either, those are just my thoughts....


Gimped Redneck said...

Very good thoughts there Skip. Much wisdom, and yes, I agree... the "NO's" I do need to learn to recognize.

Like a child though...I will cry and groan till I know I won't get my way.