Monday, June 29, 2009

Troublesome Times Are Here.

What a difference a little time can make.

My last post found me opining the struggles of living through the challenges put forth by nature.

Now, I am here pondering the future as it seems to have taken a turn onto a path that resembles little I know as an American.

We get a new President who promises no taxes....guess what? They're on the way!
We are promised that our troops will come home...seems that they are just being moved north.
Our President promises a recovering economy...Never looked worse in my lifetime.
Our President apologizes to the world for little more than the fact that America exists...North Korea Threatens to nuke Hawaii.
Iran in the making of a civil war.
The government takes over General Government Motors
Time to tax healthcare....socialism is on the way!
Unemployment rates are running rampantly across this great nation.
And now....Billy Mayes dies.

Billy Mays, a person most people can't stand, yet someone who with little more than excitement in his voice, built a fortune for his family and those lucky enough to have employed him. A front-man, a con-man, a snake-oil salesman...yes a salesman. Someone that most people love to hate. There's always a frown of bad comment when speaking of such a person. Almost like he's some sort of magician putting people in a trance to buy his wares.

What was his magic? Did he vex people....maybe had some potion...called upon the spirit' He had a vibrant and enthusiastic voice, a twinkle in his eye, and a smile that any weary person would welcome.

Billy Mays, I will admit...I will surely miss him.

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Jacob said...

Oh man! Just saw this! This is AWESOME!!! Soooo stoked for you! Congrats! I KNOW you have great ideas and now you have a 'voice' to share those ideas with people! I love it! Great post! looking forward to reading more! Spread the message and share the Word my friend! God Bless!